Iwata's lost sister =O

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Do you see it?

CAN'T UNSEE!!!! 12 70.59%
OMG! 3 17.65%
Not even close! 1 5.88%

Edit: Originally I only wanted to include pictures and no words. Unfortunately people are confused on the who the people are Satoru Iwata is the CEO of Nintendo and Lisa Su is the CEO of AMD.

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This is my favorite thread today.

Official Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Thread


Is this Rule 63?

Well I'm glad that mystery is now solved.

Maybe she was the one hosting E3 and the real event is coming up? :O

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Double post, sorry.

Can't unsee

Can't believe Iwata hid this from us...

wtf.................. source of 2nd picture pls?

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Sigs are dumb. And so are you!