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My favorite part about the conference was...

...The Last Guardian! 17 14.66%
...Horizon! 20 17.24%
...Hitman! 0 0.00%
...Final Fantasy VII Remake! 50 43.10%
...Call of Duty: Black Ops III! 1 0.86%
...Firewatch! 0 0.00%
...Dreams! 1 0.86%
...Shenmue III!!! 15 12.93%
...Star Wars: Battlefrond! 2 1.72%
...Uncharted 4! 10 8.62%


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Awesome work Kylee!

Looking forward to:
Uncharted 4 information
Ratchet & Clank information
Tearaway Unfolded information
Gravity Rush 2 information
Horizon announcement
New God of War announcement
New Media Molecule game announcement
New Sony Bend horror game announcement
New Guerilla Cambridge game announcement
Price-cut for PS4
New Crash Bandicoot
New MediEvil
New Jak & Daxter
New Sly Cooper
New Final Fantasy Remake
Resident Evil Revelations 2 on PS Vita information
Assassin's Creed Chronicles on PS Vita announcement
New games on PS Vita
Price-cut for PS Vita
The Last Guardian returns
Surprise announcements

Great job.

Kevin Butler was awesome, shame he isn't around any more, he added a bit of personality to things. His ads were great as well.

patapon Vita

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Nice thread Kylee.

I'm hoping to see some of 1st and 2nd party games known/rumored to be in development for PS4. Of course I don't expect them all to be present this E3 (gotta have something for TGS and PSX as well) let alone true.

Arc the Lad - Japan Studio (hint 1)
Dark Cloud/Chronicle - Level-5 (hint 12)
Dragon Quest XI - Square Enix (hint 1)
Gran Turismo 7 - Polyphony Digital (hint 1)
Gravity Rush - Team Gravity (hint 1)
The Last Guardian - Team Ico (hint 1)
The Legend of Dragoon - Japan Studio (hint 1)
Wild Arms - Media Vision (hint 1)

North America:
God of War - Santa Monica (hint 12)
The Last of Us 2 - Naughty Dog (hint 1)
New open world horror IP, probably for Morpheus - Bend Studio (hint 1)
New open world game - Sucker Punch (hint 1)
Ratchet & Clank Redux - Insomniac Games (hint 1)

New character action game with vehicles, probably for Morpheus - London Studio (hint 12)
New game in a multi-million selling franchise - Guerrilla Cambridge (hint 1)
New IP very different from Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls - Quantic Dream (hint 1)
New open world WRPG IP "Horizon" written by Fallout: New Vegas writer - Guerrilla Games (hint 12)
New play, create, share IP, probably for Morpheus - Media Molecule (hint 1)


Additionally, I really hope that Sanzaru is working on a 3D platformer (Jak & Daxter/Sly Cooper/new IP) and Evolution Studios is working on a new racer (Wipeout/MotorStorm/new IP) but neither are hinted/rumored at all afaik.

Also I wouldn't mind London and Bend to work on The Getaway and Syphon Filter respectively after their Morpheus games :)

taus90 said:
patapon Vita

Man, your sig is so friggin awesome!

I really don't have any expectations. I also don't care if they show 1st oarty, 3rd party or indies in any ratio.
All I ask for are release dates for the games shown, and not just a Coming Soon which turns out to be 2019 or never.

taus90 said:
patapon Vita

Seriusly, why have they not made a patapon game yet? You could literally just hand it off to a capable indie studio. Same with Parappa.