Digital Foundry is heavily lying about their Street Fighter 4 PS4 verdict and spins off the truth how they like

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this is what they say in the video

Ultra Street Fighter 4 has considerably diminished image quality on PS4 compared to PC, specifically in terms of a lack of anti-aliasing and anisotropic texture filtering. 2D elements are badly upscaled from a lower resolution, rather than using the native PC assets.

There are also colour balance issues and transparency effects are rendered in a lower resolution on PS4. In motion, the game looks mostly OK and AA/AF issues tend to be obscured by the fast motion and post-processing effects, but regardless, this should have been a perfect port - and it's not.





read the stuff they are writing and then watch the video. Its unbelievble how much people give them credit without making own comparison and looking at least at the Videos and images. 

The PS4 version looks identical to the PC version pretty much. And before you guys come with video compressions as an argument, i say who cares. If a 1080p video cant show a difference in the graphics it cant be that much different, so stop with these excuses.

I mean these guys from Digital foundry can say anything without held accountable ? Is that now the new thing to say or to apply? Having better colors than version A therefor Version A looks like shit? And the perception of colors is a matter of taste to begin with.

And if thats not enough it can be argued that the PS4 version looks even better because it has graphics effects who are missing from the PC version entirely, the PC version version is built around the Xbox 360 version while PS3 version added graphics effects which the PS4 is built around.  I show you examples from their own Digital foundry page they are showing but keep in mind that things like that never count in their final verdict where they are trashing the PS4 version even if they are showing these differences in their own article.


So what is better? these half matched and mixed arguments of better colors, AA, AF or missing Animation? Animation you will see everytime if you do this or that special move? I mean look at their own page where i took the images you need to search their arguments with a loop and even then i dont see a difference.

Another thing they actually dont want to talk about at all is that the PS4 Version has better Motion Blur effects, here an example from their own Video which they dont mention at all in their article. It looks more realistic obviously


/my own verdict

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DF lying? *gasp*

Well and in the end most people wouldn't notice any difference in RL.

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Does it matter if they embellish a bit?
It's a simple port of a game from previous decade, it should run withoit any problems at all..

also i want to add that i talk only about graphics here like they do. I dont know how well the gameplay runs and feels to the other versions, if there is an input lag or something for example. They could have tested that but obviously they only concentrated on the graphical difference or the lack off.

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Burek said:
Does it matter if they embellish a bit?
It's a simple port of a game from previous decade, it should run withoit any problems at all..

well they acomplished that, they took the PS3 version and improved on that built. If the PS3 version has less AA etc but more animation effects?

I'd probably be too focus on the match to notice these things.

They got caught several occasions. During PS4 launch they tried to downplay PS4 battlefield 4version. Recently they apologised for project cars.

What about the huge input lag which is even higher than the X360 version of the game. I mean sure there is barely no difference in graphics/colours ( I didn't notice any myself while watching the video ) but input lag in a fighter is a huge deal. It's overall a very low quality port, they obviously did nothing apart from tweaking the PS3 version here and there. Yeah though they are lying in their overall conclusion.

We all know Sony domination is a real thing and there is nothing Microsoft or Nintendo can do about it....

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Yeah DF can be all over the place with how accurate their readings.

That said, would be wise for Sony to fix this version asap. Throw your own programmers onto if needs be.