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Yes 74 46.25%
n...o...pe 86 53.75%

:sad violin:


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A picture on the wall?

For you OnionB, I hope there is.... : (



Dance my pretties!

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A trailer showing a Zelda game that's completely different form the final product.

That is quite nice violin music actually! :)

I wouldn't be surprised if they showed concept/official art, subtitle, 3 second teaser or something else though.

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I hope Link's instrument in Zelda U is a violin. So elegant.

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It was confirmed that Zelda U won't, unfortunately..

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Hmm why does this remind me of Xenoblade Chronicles?...

I have to agree that it would be amazing if it isn't there in any way...unless something tragic has happened in development (which must be the case given what Nintendo have been saying). Guess we will see soon enough, but you've gotta say it's unlikely we will see it right now.


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