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DerNebel said:

Today in things the world doesn't need :P

Btw. the new Digimon Adventure anime should start "soon" I think, now that's something I'm actually a little excited for, Digimon Adventure was so awesome back in the day.

I don't even care how different it looks, I am so hyped for that.

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Of course it'll take place after Majin Buu. I think everybody likes to ignore DBGT altogether like it never happened lol


    R.I.P Mr Iwata :'(

Sounds good. Just hope it doesn't require you to have watched the previous one to get in to it.

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I'm flashing back to my childhood. First Toonami makes a comeback, now Dragon Ball too? The nostalgia is real!

:O !!!
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Wonderful news!

I knew it would happen since I found out about Battle of the Gods.

First Star Wars, now Dragon Bal... and I'm pretty sure Rowling will come around with more Harry Potter eventually.






Ohh yesss pleasee! DBZ is one of my favorite anime


I hope the animation quality is on the high end of what Z gave us (it was really inconsistent).