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Will Nintendo add Amiibo Splatoon Characters post launch ?

Hell Yes, This is Nintendo ..Duh 41 59.42%
Wishful thinking, but genius. 8 11.59%
Who cares, give me Zelda U now. 16 23.19%
What's a Splatoon ? 4 5.80%

I'm calling it now.

1- Nintendo will release Amiibo support for Splatoon. You will need to have an Amiibo in order to play as that character in Splatoon

2- Splatoon characters will be released as Amiibo figures in order to attain new and exclusive abilities.

Splatoon + Amiibo cash in is on the way.

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1. It's almost given that Splatoon will have amiibo support. There's a high possibility that for exclusive Amiibo characters.

2. If it has amiibo support, then Splatoon Amiibos are a given as well. I'm not so sure about special abilities though. I'm thinking something more like unlocking costumes/weapons or other characters.

So yeah, I mostly agree.

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1 seems like it will happen. Gotta make more use of those Amiibo. :^ ) They`re more than just toys you stare at on the shelf. What they`ll do, well, anything`s possible. Costumes, characters, or items would be cool to see.

And 2, I want this. I`m sure people will know already, but I want those inklings as figurines. They look so cool and I want a set for my own B^ ) I don`t see how these are bad things. As long as the main package is complete, I won`t be too beefed.



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Both seem very likely if you ask me.

I hope they make a Splatoon series of amiibo

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Fully expecting it.

Exclusive abilities? I doubt it but there will probably be amiibo skins for it like how there is in MK8


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I find it kind of hard to imagine specific Amiibos for customisable characters.
There may be a male and female Inkling Amiibo but most likely will just use pre existing Amiibos for clothing.

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Local multiplayer has been confirmed but not shown. Seems pretty obvious to me. Save your custom character to an amiibo, bring it to a friend's house, use it to play as your character on another system.

Is it bad that I kinda want it locked up so hard that you need to buy that amiibo to unlock that character? It makes Amiibos worth it and it gives you something to be proud of if you got your hands on a rare amiibo. Its kinda like collecting Pokemon in real life.