People saying the 360 is definitely above the ps3 FUD needs to stop now

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The only definitive truth is that people don’t actually know what the real numbers are still and also certain posters in other threads who have a history of bias are desperately trying to pass their guesses off as facts.




Since 2009 from the fiscal shipment numbers we have, THE PS3 HAS OUTSHIPPED THE 360 EVERY.SINGLE.YEAR.







Because of other numbers such as Sony announcing they had shipped 80m as of November 2nd 2013 we know that Sony shipped more than 10m in 2012, it’s just we don’t know exactly how much more than 10m they sold. It could be several hundred thousand or it could be several million.

In territories that are considered ‘the rest of the world’ overall Sony has always outsold Microsoft and the only way Microsoft could now be outselling Sony is if magically for no rational reason after decades worth of being outsold suddenly this year the 360 starts outselling the PS3 which makes no logical sense what so ever.

Back in 2013 both Microsoft and Sony announced they had shipped 80m. Microsoft as of the 17th of October and Sony as of the 2nd of November. That’s only a difference of 16 days and the problem that causes is who’s to say one company didn’t push out more consoles shipped at the beginning of that quarter compared to the later half to reach that number first. You could have a situation where before that quarter the PS3 had overtaken the 360 but then a big 360 shipment temporally put the 360 back ahead again that month.

And now you have the problem of Microsoft being so embarrassed that the PS4 is badly beating the Xbox One that it is combining it’s Xbox One & 360 shipment data to hide the truth of what is actually being sold. 

So far in this fiscal year the PS3 has shipped 3.3m and combined the XBO & 360 has shipped 10.1m, who’s to say the split isn’t 6.9m Xbox One’s to 3.2m 360’s? Yet again people can’t prove what the split is so you can’t say one console is currently outselling another.

Then there’s the problem that Microsoft are notorious for over stuffing the retail channels especially during the last quarter of the year. Who can forget their famous first to 10 million bs PR stunt when they stuffed the channels that year to reach 10m but then had to under ship for the next 6 months to counteract what they’d done. For another example just look at last years numbers when they over stuffed the channel full of Xbox ones. And what that means is you could have a situation where one company has out shipped another but they haven’t sold more to consumers.


All we know for a fact is that combined the 360 & the Xbox One has shipped 98.9m and the PS3 has shipped between 84-87.3m. Who’s to say Xbox One hasn't shipped 12.5m leaving 86.4m 360’s while the PS3 has shipped 86.5m?


IT IS STILL TOO CLOSE TO CALL WHO IS AHEAD OF WHO, so this desperate fanboy nonsense from these posters saying one console is definitely ahead of another and it’s a fact needs to stop.


-Mr Khan

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It would be easier if Sony and Microsoft told us the exact numbers PS3 and 360 sold like they did all throughout the 7th gen.

The fact that they are basically tied is proof PS3 won in the end though. It caught up dramatically despite launching a year later with a higher price point. Props to 360 for giving the Playstation brand a run for its money.

cookingyourmama said:

IT IS STILL TOO CLOSE TO CALL WHO IS AHEAD OF WHO, so this desperate fanboy nonsense from these posters saying one console is definitely ahead of another and it’s a fact needs to stop.

Dammit! I was gonna unleash my inner Sony fanboy for this thread.

We all know Sony domination is a real thing and there is nothing Microsoft or Nintendo can do about it....

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I don't care as long as we get final lifetime numbers when all is said and done. Both could still have pricecuts in them too

You shouldn't start your comparison in 2009 tho. 360 has been on the market for a year longer, recent numbers may show ps3 is selling more but Xbox 360 is still ahead thanks to it first year it seems. Also you start bashing other threads but those threads do a much better job at showing their point than yours does

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So a thread that opens with the premise that we don't know which console has shipped the most goes right to explaining why it is most likely PS3 has shipped the most? :)

Too much truth for me to handle.

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I can't believe you actually wrote an article about this. Both consoles sold great. Movin' on.......

Who cares? I clicked this thinking it was about processing power, dated but possible. My mistake.

Isn't there a thread on this already you could post inside of instead of making another thread on it while cowardly calling out others for supposed bias? Seems it would be better to just counter their numbers in their own thread.