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"As PS4 Sells Out German Retailer Makes Drastic Cuts To Xbox One; Introduces Cheapest Ever Bundle"

German retailer Saturn is currently selling the Xbox One 500GB model with a free download code for EA’s FIFA 15 for €333 – the equivalent of around £250-£260 making the cheapest ever bundle and more than £100 cheaper than the UK package.

Meanwhile in the very same store the PS4 is nowhere to be seen and it’s been this way for a couple of weeks according to the manager.

"We sold out all of our PlayStation 4 consoles before Christmas and only had reserved stock up until a few days ago, now we have nothing” he said when I asked about the lack of Sony machines within the store

Apparently this isn’t just a localised issue either. According to the store manager there’s a big issue with supply and demand for the PS4 whilst other stores in the Niedersachsen region are struggling to get the Xbox One consoles off the shelf and as such many other stores have introduced limited “manager’s specials” in a bid to shift some units.

It’s also worth noting that this particular retailer isn’t the one having problems getting Xbox One’s out the door.

You can read the full article here:


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sony is lying.

Already posted.
But Sony should build PS4s faster! They will sell so much this year.

Posted like 2-3 days ago. Lock this one.

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Wasn't there already a thread for this?

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Posted already. And this doesn't mean PS4 is sold out everywhere in Germany lol

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Sony better add more production lines if they want to keep up. Sales are likely to only increase this year.

i just saw a few in my local saturn, they even still had the white ps4

sold out in a store in germany = sold out in germany?

anyhow...already posted


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