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Which one?

RE1 (Normal or REmake) 23 23.47%
RE2 17 17.35%
RE3 5 5.10%
RE4 37 37.76%
RE5 3 3.06%
RE6 2 2.04%
RE: Outbreak 1 1.02%
RE: Dead Aim 2 2.04%
Other one 4 4.08%
Don't want to answer/Show me the results 3 3.06%

Resident Evil 4 is my absolute favorite but Resident Evil 2 or 5 have a special place in my heart as well.

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Resident Evil 1

phinch1 said:
Interesting most of the people voting for 4/5 are slightly younger gamers when the game changed from horror to action

I've been around and played RE since the release of the first one and I love the horror setting and real zombies of the first 3 RE games on PS1 but the I never had as much fun as I did with RE5.  RE2 would be my next fav.


RE 2 was the most shocking for me.

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Also the original styled "tank control"games have more votes than the new over the shoulder

Since I have no strong favorite I'll say RE6 just because no one else will.

I really enjoyed the Outbreak series. It wasn't perfect but it made me feel goddamn dread and horror when I was low on supplies, low Health/poisoned, chased or with no idea what the fuck to do. With the improved online we have now, it would be really fun with 4 player co-op. I think an HD remaster, at $30 for both titles would be great.

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RE 1. I'm such a sucker for the originals. Although I've sunk countless hours into RE5's online Mercenaries

Resident Evil 4 closely followed by RE 2