Anybody else still have the orignal 3DS?

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NO!I didn't bought any because I was sure that after one year the 3ds xl version would come,so I waited!I don't like small screens after dsi xl...:P!

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Yes of course, and it isn't going anywhere that's for sure. I never even considered getting a 3DSXL, but I may get a N3DS.

I have it. Never use it anymore. Since Pokemon Bank made having a second handheld not needed for Pokemon Trading. I got the 3DS XL since it had the lockable 3d switch. So I didn't have to disable the 3d in parental controls.

I do, Ill probably end up picking up the New 3DS later on.

Nope. XL FTW!

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Yep, release 3DS with the Kingdom Hearts 3D shell.

I still have my Zelda-themed original, but I also upgraded to the Zelda XL. I plan to keep both.

yup i still got my launch aqua blue 3DS and never upgrade but i will buy the new 3DS XL when it releases

Yep! Still have an Aqua Blue 3DS in my drawer. Got it at launch with Pilotwings, Super Street Fighter IV 3D, & Tom Clancy's Shadow Wars :D

Yup, still got my black one, horrid battery and all. There's no way I would spend a bunch of money just to get a new version that, as you said, plays the same games. And I've never been a fan of the XL, so I've seen no reason to swap.

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