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What Console do you Own?

Xox One only 23 18.25%
PS4 Only 82 65.08%
Both 21 16.67%

i dont game enough to justify 2 consoles. so just an xbox one.
i play on my friends playstaion for the big exclusives

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vivster said:
VanceIX said:

It's funny, because both consoles don't really have that many "gamez" to play yet. If anything, the X1 is getting more quality exclusives this holiday season.

Going by that logic, Wii U should be the most popular console on the internet.

Wii U has Mario Kart with an attach rate of 140%. They're all playing that.

Xbox has the best gaemz and the best onlinez so of course all Xbox owners are playing gaemz instead of posting on the internetz.


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Xbox One - PS4 - Wii U - PC

ill get a ps4 eventually but also have a wii u
xbox one is an iffy though not sure if I want it just yet


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I own my ps4 with an unopened the last of US remastered.

Still playing Resident evil HD on 3sexty!

own a ps4 and is gathering loads of dust i dust my room weekly and it has the most dust on it than any other device, last game i played was MGSGZ or outlast DLC cant remember. i use my ps3 more in 2014 im currently playing COD BO1 MP. i feel that this will change in the coming months with GTA5 COD AW and a few other titles as the 8th gen finally kicks in to full gear

i probably will get the XB1 down the road as i did with the 360 last gen but as for subs go if you wait till BF or the holiday sales you can get both subs for a year for about the price of one


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I own them both because they both will get great exclusive games.

I have both and have had both since day 1.

I dont want to miss out on great experiences on either console. I can't imagine not being able to play Uncharted, Halo, Killzone, Gears of War, Infamous, Fable, Forza etc.

multi console owner is the best way to go if possible

Yep. Proud owner of both consoles since their launches...

I prefer my XB experience, but there is nothing wrong with PS as well. Sony came a long way from how they did last generation with the PS3.

X1 eventually i will get the PS4 (love Uncharted)
this was the first time I bought a system early, and it will be the last time.
Nxt gen I am going to wait at least 2-3 years for the library to build up before I make a decision. The wait between blockbusters is no bueno.

Got both and enjoy both. PS4 for the JRPGs and Xbox One for the exclusives.