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Destiny is dominating the pre-order chart right now.  Post your prediction Week 1 worldwide sales for each console along with a total.  Please post your predictions in the same order as the chart (PS4/X1/PS3/X360).  If you edit your prediction, but a note in your post with the date edited.  Otherwise I might not notice that it changed.

I'll aggregate the predictions here.  The game is released September 9th.  I'll cut off predictions on September 2nd.  

Name  PS4         XBox One PS3         XBox 360 Total   
Average Prediction 2.81M 1.72M 660k 785k 5.98M
Standard Deviation 798k 551k 246k 293k 1.53M
Miguel_Zorro 2.8M 1.4M 500k 600k 5.3M
leyendax69 1.8M 1.5M 350k 500k 4.15M
Breedinbull 2.5M 1.65M 560k 370k 5.08M
small44 2.5M 1.5M 400k 600k 5M
WhiteEaglePL 1.8M 1.3M 400k 300k 3.8M
VanceIX 2.1M 1.2M 500k 700k 4.5M
torok 3.5M 2.6M 600k 1.3M 8M
KLXVER 1.7M 800k 600k 500k 3.6M
Welfare 2.3M 1.6M 600k 750k 5.25M
gergroy 3.2M 2.1M 500k 800k 6.6M
ExplodingBlock 1.7M 1.3M 600k 500k 4.1M
pkmnMasterWheeler 1.9M 1.4M 700k 650k 4.65M
RepedeGoesWoof 2.8M 1.8M 400k 500k 5.5M
MoHasanie 2M 1.2M 450k 400k 4.05M
kumagawa 4M 900k 280k 220k 5.4M
phaedruss 3M 1.5M 700k 900k 6.1M
cusman 2M 1.5M 500k 1M 5M
fireburn95 2.4M 1.6M 500k 750k 5.25M
Wazowski 2.7M 1.7M 750k 850k 6.0M
Metallox 2.8M 1.7M 850k 600k 5.95M
toastboy44562 4.5M 3.5M 1M 1M 10.0M
Mr_No 2.4M 1.4M 700k 900k 5.4M
NobleTeam360 3.1M 2.2M 1.1M 1.5M 7.9M
CommonNinja 3.0M 2.0M 800k 1.2M 7.0M
Shadow1980 3.0M 1.5M 750k 750k 6.0M
jadakiss1217 2.5M 1.8M 680k 900k 5.88M
ioi 4.5M 2.5M 800k 1.0M 8.8M
Mr.Playstation 3.0M 2.8M 500k 1.2M 7.5M
LordPhil 3.7M 1.8M 1M 1.2M 7.7M
teigaga 3.0M 1.2M 450k 600k 5.25M
shikamaru317 2.5M 1.7M 800k 1.0M 6.0M
anamme 2.5M 1.7M 700k 1.1M 6.0M
alrightiwill 3.3M 2.5M 700k 500k 7.0M
drake_tolu 3.0M 1.5M 850k 650k 6.0M
Burek 4.8M 1.8M 1.6M 900k 9.1M
dravenmanson 2.8M 1.5M 650k 750k 5.7M
The Fury 2.0M 1.1M 600k 800k 4.5M

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Lets see
Ps4= 1.8M
360 and PS3 idk 500k and 350k I guess

Edit: total= 4.2M aprox

PS4 - 2.5M
X1 - 1.65M
PS3 - 560K
360 - 370K

Total - 5.08M

Thanks jlmurph!

Ps4= 2.5m
360 : 600k

so total:5m

PS4 - over 100 millions let's say 120m
Xbox One - 70m
Wii U - 25m

Vita - 15m if it will not get Final Fantasy Kingdoms Heart and Monster Hunter 20m otherwise
3DS - 80m

ps4= 1.8m

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PS4- 2.1M
X1- 1.2M
360- .7M
PS3- .5M

Total- 4.5M

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Xbox One - PS4 - Wii U - PC

PS4 - 4.2M
X1 - 3.0M
PS3 - 1.0M
360 - 1.6M
Total - 9.8M

Edit: increased my predictions due to US preorder numbers.

PS4 - 1.7M
XB1 - 800K
PS3 - 600K
360 - 500K

Total: 3.6M

PS4 - 2,300,000
XBO - 1,600,000
360 - 750,000
PS3 - 600,000

Total - 5,250,000

Won bet with t3mporary_126 - I correctly predicted that the Wii U's LTD at the end of 2014 would be closer to 9 million than 10 million. http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/post.php?id=6673287

Ps4 - 3.2
X1- 2.1
360 - .8
Ps3 - .5

Total = 6.6 million

Also, anybody saying less than 4 million isnt paying attention...