What was your worst gaming purchase and why?

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That piece of shit kinect.

After A year instead of selling it I beat it to death. My hatred for it knows no bounds.

Oh and half the steam summer sales games but at least they were cheap.

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Sonic '06 was the first game I had on my PS3,

MLB 2k10, the game was absolutely terrible. Probably the most bug filled game I have ever played. I Played it for a week before I got so frustrated with the game that I never touched it again. Biggest waste of $50.


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Bought this VGC account from someone. Worst gaming purchase ever. Looks like the guy before me was hated by everyone.

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Sonic 06 and Neverdead. Before these games I had never found a game so bad that I would pull the disc out and tell myself id never play it again. And ive played some games that were pretty average..

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Kinect and most kinect games.


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Definitely Kinect. Luckily, I bought it new of a guy who got gifted the X360 bundle, so I didn't pay full price.
The games were mostly junk. My wife got Dance Central, I got Your Shape, she danced for a few days, I exercised for almost a month.
Even my daughters didn't find it interesting.
It soon went into the box and into storage, and I finally managed to get rid of it after trying to sell it for 9 months. I took 30€ and that was a very happy day.

I asked the guy a few months later about it, he said it's in the garage somewhere. I bought him a beer...

celador said:
IkePoR said:
Considering I usually sell games I don't enjoy, I'll go with the one I kept.

Wind Waker. Awful game.

What made you keep it?

My sister likes easy games.  

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I bought Tekken Tag 2 for Wii U, the game is great and It is the best version, but I barely play it because I thought Tekken would have similar gameplay to Virtua Fighter, but it is very different.

Dennis the Menace on the SNES was pretty bad.

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