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etking said:

I hate real time combat but I also hate slow paced turn based systems, both so much that I do not play these games at all.

I do not like all Tactical RPGs, Final Fantasy X / XV and all Tales games for that reason.

I do not like them in a box.  I would not, could not with a fox!

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Has anyone played the strategy board game Diplomacy? There are videogame versions. I don't play it much but it is quite strategic and I wanted to bring it up because I feel its system is different from those of RPGs discussed here.

In videogame form, it would be a SRPG a la Fire Emblem with a chess style system, with troops on a map like Total War's campaigns. But actions are performed in phases rather than turns. Each player inputs orders for the troops on the field, and then at the end of the phase all actions are executed simultaneously with rules regulating any interactions that arise.

It's different from turn based strategy or real time strategy with pauses.

Id love to see more turn based. Playing FF10 HD reminds me how much I missed it :(

I used to love turn based battle systems but I've grown to hate them due to how slow they are, especially if there's a long loading screen before each fight

But I recently played Might & Magic X: Legacy and even though the combat is turned based I really liked it because

1: No long attack animations - pretty much every battle command you execute happens instantly
2: No loading screens - fights take place on the main game world
3: You can still move around while in combat, it will just use up your party's turn if you do

More games should have a combat system like that

While my first JRPG was the turn-based Dragon Quest (then called Dragon Warrior in the U.S.), most of what I played in my childhood was ATB-based JRPGs like Final Fantasy IV & VI, Chrono Trigger, Super Mario RPG, and Lunar. I still think to this day that the 16-bit era was the absolute height of the JRPG, and I wish more recent JRPGs would take gameplay design cues from those older titles.

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cheshirescat said:
burninmylight said:
daredevil.shark said:

I just hate turn based combats. They are relics of past and needs to go away. Only turn based game I like is this.

I love Chess, which is why games like Fire Emblem and Advance Wars are my favorite kinds of RPGs! I use those type of games to explain the appeal of role playing games to my friends who play Chess but don't get RPGs.

This is how I see it: pure turn based strategy rgs are chess, rpg with an atb interface are speed chess, more action oriented rpgs like the tales games, kotor and xenoblade are chess-boxing and I'm getting sick of this metaphor so I'll say everything else is turkish oil wrestling.

BF3 TDM is speed checkers.

burninmylight said:
I don't have a strong preference for any one type of battle system. When I go from one RPG to the next, I often purposefully pick a game with a completely different style and battle system to keep things fresh for me.

I guess if you forced me to choose favorites, I would say

1) SPRG, a la Fire Emblem, Advance Wars and FFTA
2) Real time, a la Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story and Tales of Symphonia
3) ATBS, a la Final Fantasy VII, Chrono Trigger and Baten Kaitos Origins
4) Turn-based, but with timing inputs to keep you engaged, a la Paper Mario
5) Pure turn-based, a-la Pokemon and Phantasy Star

Although the lines between them are so thin that it really depends on the game, not the system. I'd take Pokemon over Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles any day.

Although this forum is about the battle systems themselves, the pacing of the game has a huge effect on how much I enjoy the battle system itself. I love Chrono Trigger not just because its battle system is fun in its own right, but also because I never ever had to grind to move forward, so fighting never got tedious.

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Blame WoW! It destroyed the console RPG genre sales, and growth overall. If that game didn't take off imagine how many sales some RPG's on consoles could have had.

I'm a total sucker for turn-based battle systems, especially more classical systems. To be honest I'm not sure why. I guess that, IMO, most RPGs shouldn't have action elements in them, so I have a hard time playing games like Mass Effect that tout themselves as being RPGs when they feel more like third person shooters or other action-based genres.

By the way, IMO the Press Turn System from SMT III/IV is probably my favorite turn-based system ever. It makes battles more intense in a way that feels more true to the spirit of classical turn-based RPGs.

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    FinalFantasyXIII said:
    Blame WoW! It destroyed the console RPG genre sales, and growth overall. If that game didn't take off imagine how many sales some RPG's on consoles could have had.

    hmmm, I've never thought of that. You have a good point.

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