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Yes 128 61.24%
No 81 38.76%

I think that X1 has a real shot at outselling Xbox 360.

Horrendous PR missteps (always online DRM, Kinect inclusion, delayed launches) early on are the only true mistakes MS has made. Since then they are beating Sony for games and are finally matching on price.

Sony's brand power is strong and they expertly digged at Microsoft's mistakes, meaning that they will likely win the generation comfortably. But MS will recover and sell very well I think!

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Not sure why you are even asking this question?  Are X1 sales THAT bad?

I predict around 40m sold.

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This is really a pointless thread. The XB1 has already almost sold one quarter of the sales as the original xbox, and it hasn't even been released for a full year. By the end of the year, they will probably have sold 6-7 million units. I'm not sure how this in any way would be comparable to the original xbox's sales.

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OP: Yes. Definitive, yes.


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of course, the X1 will more than likely sell about 60 million.


Atleast, I believe so ...

It will easily pass the original Xbox but drop very much compared to 360. That is, unless they find a way to make a home console attractive to he smartphone/tablet people.

Yes, and I'd say around the end of it's 4th holiday (~3rd year).


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