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Alright, this looks technically impressive. No gameplay ofcourse though, which is a real shame. 2015 as well.

Last game in the series though?


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Raziel123 said:
masterb8tr said:
needs more exclusives. Multiplatforms all around

Driveclub, The Order, Let it die, LBP3, Grim Fandango, Bloodborne, so far. Looking good.

driveclub and the order i already knew about though. would have liked some more the order footage. LB3 ws pretty awesome though( i was kind of hoping for it to be a 3d platform though). Bloodborne i am not sure was exclusive?  Uncharted 4 was expected. looked pretty sick. But overall i thought it was a really bad conference to be honest and i certaintly pity those who went to the cinemas. Nothing really big at all. I am dissapoint

Aaaaaaand Sony win everything ever.

Dgc1808 said:
This can't be in-game..... can it?

In-engine. You know how they roll. 

And with that, I expect the internet to proclaim the winner. For me, however, this has been one of the better E3s for both Sony and Microsoft. Everyone should be happy!


Dr.Henry_Killinger said:

Unless its confirmed on PC, then this will be the best version. Plus the save transfers mean that you can basocally abandon the previous versions, especially since its multiplayer gives it heavy legs.

Best version as in best looking version or because it actually offers new mechanics or storylines? 

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That does look waaaaay better than I expected.


UC4! Let's just remember, folks. The cutscenes of Uncharted are always in-engine. And the in game play is always close behind it. And that trailer was gorgeous

Where's Last Guardian?

Just Kidding. Nice Uncharted Teaser at the end for fans.