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This thread made me question life

10/10 Will cum again

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NobleTeam360 said:
So he just photo-shopped off half of the PS4?

No, that not the actual picture...i'm just that lazy

iceland said:
This thread made me question life

10/10 Will cum again

Questioning life is good......if life answers, that's bad


Square Eniz this week announced a new game called "Project Z". I thing its actually a Final Fantasy 13 prequel, because when i tried to play that i was all "ZZZZZ"


Sony announced an upcoming PSVita "Update" that will remove the Youtube, Near and Maps apps. Many people think i should adopt a similar strategy for updating this thread but i'm not gonna remove my jokes because much like the Vita, nobody owns this thread.

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When i was younger, i slept with a lot of hookers, mostly hispanic. Its not something i'm proud of, but i definitely don't regret it - these women were gorgeous. Also, they spoke Spanish and i could never understand what they were saying - that made them perfect. Of course, nothing good can ever last, and eventually the police cracked down on the whole trade in my area, most likely because they were no longer satisfied with their cut of the profits. Whatevs. For a while after that i became less interested in sex to the point where i became a bit worried.


One day though, i was walking behind some women in the mall and i got a rock hard erection, like the ones you got when you were 14 and hadn't jerked off for days. THe reason? - two women in front in front of me were fairly good looking and conversing in spanish. In some weird Pavlovian way, i had become trained to associate the spanish language with an erection! it was truly fascinating. Now i'm in a steady relationship and everything is great except for one thing. My girlfriend keeps asking me why every time we have sex i insist on playing Dora the Explorer in the background.


News today that Kojima is leaving Konami. He was trying to be super stealthy about his exit from the company but real-world cardboard box technology leaves a lot to be desired


Photo below of Kojima Productions staff leaving Konami today

There is some talk about Nintendo bringing a Virtual Boy 2 to market. Nobody is excited except Peter Moleneux. He's really into virtual boys.

A Sega Dreamcast theme is being planned for the 3DS in Japan. There are no plans for such a theme on the WiiU, because that would just be tempting fate. Wouldn't it? Take a look

Nintendo has finally announced their plans to go mobile with their games. They said they wanted to do this a long time ago, but they did not think their fans were ready to go mobile. That's why they were forced to release Wii Fit. Yep, your fat arse slowed progress. Are you proud of yourself?

They went on tho explain that Wii Music was a means of preparing fans for Minamoto's upcoming entry into the rap game under the name "The Controller". He was noted as saying " Don't hate the game, unless its a used game"