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Both MCV and Videogamer have joined IGN in saying that they have heard rumours that new Nintendo hardware will be showcased at E3. Videogamer believe it to be a successor to the Wii U, while IGN and MCV have just been told its new hardware. MCV says they’re uncertain as to what form the hardware will take. The most likely bet is the Quality of Life platform that Nintendo is currently working on, but we won’t know for sure until next month. Whatever it is Videogamer seem to think games compatible with the hardware will also be playable at the show.

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I just don't see it happening. It could be a successor to the 3DS but I still don't see them announcing it yet.

Or it could be a tablet-less Wii U with a reduced price and a bigger hard drive?

So, Videogamer believes itīs a successor to the Wii U...yeah, no.

Making a whole new console is a long bad as the Wii U is doing, itīs still only 1.5 year old.

Won't be a new console, it's most likely their QoL platform. If it was anything to do with the Wii U it'd probably be a redesign or something; although I just can't see it. Honestly though it would be hilarious if they don't show any new hardware.

It's not going to be a successor to the Wii U.

QoL platform is the sure bet, but who knows. Not long to wait now!


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it will be periphery for wiiu, simple as that.
sensors and stuff.

or maybe even a nintendo smartphone, but i doubt that.

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Does a hardware revision count as new hardware?
If so then my bet is on 3DS revision or QOL

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It might be add on for wii u, not successor.

I doubt a successor to Wii U, but it could be a Wii U Lite. An expensive, powerful system launching in 2015 is a very remote possibility.

More likely it's some type of mobile device.

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successor to the Wii U? LOL. They'd better read about Nintendo's plans on Wii U...

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