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Soundwave said:

The worst are the Callofduty fanboys

I'll add that I've met cruel persons on Miiverse, but overall it shows how polite most of them (us) are.


I don't like to stereotype, but I don't think this impression is too far off. There's a lot of bad eggs that feel the need to troll Sony or Microsoft platforms, but in general, it seems like Nintendo fans are much more relaxed about their hobby than other fans. I seem to see fans of other gaming platforms rip out each others' throats over the most trivial things. I think a big part of that is what Dengle said, that Nintendo fans tend to be more likely to purchase other platforms. The Nintendo-only gamer really isn't as prominent as some people seem to think.

Every fandom has obnoxious fans though, but there's a certain group within the other fandoms that seem to be absolutely impossible to have a decent discussion with, or seem to spend more time pointing out negative things about Nintendo than anything about their actual preferred platform.

Seriously, if you're not a fan of a certain platform, and have the majority of your posts in topics discussing that same platform...stop. You're the problem here.

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Offline and online, I completely disagree. Most of the people I know whose main console is a Nintendo console is far more biased and quick to judge regardless if they've never once played or heard about a game.

Depends on which type of Nintendo gamer you're talking about. If you're talking about the newer generation of Ninty fans that were honed on the DS and Wii, then yes, they are very nice.

If you're talking about older generations of Ninty gamers, especially the ones that have been there since the early days of the NES and fought through the Nintendo Vs SEGA war, then you're talking about a whole different animal.

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pokoko said:
Our experiences differ.

This. I could name lots of names but I won't.

brendude13 said:
the_dengle said:

For well-documented reasons, Nintendo console owners are more likely to own multiple consoles. Therefore they are more likely to have broader tastes in games than those who game exclusively on one console.

So it's not so much that Nintendo gamers are more pleasant as it is multi-console owners are more pleasant, and Nintendo console owners are more likely to be multi-console owners.

I wouldn't identify a multi-console owner as a Nintendo gamer though.

Well, I'm operating under the assumption that someone who owns a 3DS and a PS3 is both a Nintendo gamer and a Sony gamer, even though most multi-console owners probably wouldn't self-identify as a [single company] gamer. Any objections, lady?

Im not sure about that, Nintendo's fans are in defense mode right now cuz the wii u, the same way as MS fans were the last 2 years or Sony fans at the beggining of the 7th gen.

That being said, i admit that i have more issues with N-fans than MS fans or Sony fans, mostly cuz i really hate "X game is the best thing ever made" attitude.

Not sure if they're really any more nicer than other groups of fans. You're always going to find some bad apples in a bunch, obviously. From my own experience, I've seen these types of people from each fanbase.. all here coincidentally :P

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