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It's that time again! 

But seriously, we are taking applications for new moderators now. If you feel you would make a great addition to the team, feel free to fill out this application and email it to me ( The mod team will then look over the applications and we will decide which users we feel are most qualified to join the team. Don't feel discouraged if you do not get promoted. We will keep the rest of the applications on file just in case there are openings in the future. 

The deadline for applications is midnight EST on the 31st of March (that is, the midnight between the 30th and 31st).




Gaming Consoles:

Console Preference: 

How much time do you generally spend on VGChartz throughout a week? 

Do you have any relevant experience that would help you out on the mod team? If so, tell us about it.

Why are you interested in becoming a mod?

Which moderator, past or present, do you feel represents your moderation style? (saying Axumblade does not automatically get you points :P)

How would you describe the way you feel about the current moderation system? In what ways do you think it can be improved? 

In what ways do you feel you could contribute to the team discussion in mod chat? 


Good luck! 

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I think i would probably be a good mod, but im not on here enough so I wont bother

I feel, as someone who would ban every single user, delete the entire database and force the site to start over, I have the right qualities to be a vgc moderator.


I vote for Kirby007 only if he sucks up Emma Watson


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You gotta be ready for real shit, dawg. You real enough for this?

Out there, in the mod chat, shit be real.

Monster Hunter: pissing me off since 2010.

What if you get moderated before in the past?

Mr Khan said:

Out there, in the mod chat, shit be real.

There boys become men.

Girls become women.

And lives, er users are a stake!

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deskpro2k3 said:
What if you get moderated before in the past?

I guess that counts as hands-on experience.

Project GATSOOMGPCAPISE is finished. 2k well spent.