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Welcome to the VGChartz Xbox One Gamerscore League 2014!
A new generation for Xbox has started, so I decided to reboot the GS League which NeoRatt and Shern Foo oversaw successfully for many years. We'll be starting off slow whilst I become more adept and effecient at getting the data, as right now I'm doing it all manually. I hope to one day have regular races ect tho.

The league updates will be monthly and seasons will be yearly. You can gain points from races, monthly gamerscore earned, monthly TA score earned and platinums. This is an Xbox One exclusive league so no Windows/Phone/360 I'm afraid.

If you want to be added to the league please message me with your TrueAchievements username and I will send you a request for the leaderboards. NOT your Gamertag.


Points will be awarded for Platinums, Gamerscore, TA and Races, the breakdown and specifics are listed in the below posts. The league will update on or around the 1st of every month.


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Points for gamerscore will be awarded monthly based on your rank.

The following ranks receive:
1st: 24p
2nd: 20p
3rd: 16p
4th: 13p
5th: 10p
6th: 7p
7th: 4p
8th: 2p

Bonus: Every member gets 1p for every 200 GS they earn a month (rounded down).



Platinums are awarded to those that have the highest gamerscore in select XB1 games. The only requirements are that you have over 300 gamerscore in that game and 4+ players.

For every Platinum you are in posession of at the end of the month, you're rewarded 3 points per Platinum.



Races pit you against other VGC League members to see who can score the highest Gamerscore for a particular game released in that month the fastest (by the end of the month). The higher you rank the more points you earn!

*For a game to qualify for a race it needs to release 1 week before the end of the month (otherwise it rolls over to the next update) and have at least 5 players.


Points rewarded for Races are broken down into 3 tiers, again the higher the tier the higher the set of points.

Tier A - Requires at least 10+ players.
Tier B - Requires 7+ players and a top score no less than 500
Tier C - Requires 5+ players and a top score no less than 300

Tier A - Gold = 20p, Silver = 15p, Bronze = 10p, 4th = 7p and each subsequent rank a point less.
Tier B - Gold = 15p, Silver = 12p, Bronze = 9p, 4th = 6p and each subsequent rank a point less.
Tier C - Gold = 10p, Silver = 8p, Bronze = 6p, 4th = 3p and each subsequent rank a point less.

April Races *NEW*

March Races


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I'm FrequentFlyer52 .

Wait, is this only for X1 owners? 


NNID: FrequentFlyer54

Can't wait to join when I get the Xbox One :)


You know it El Jay2010

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