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Despite the fact that digimon hasnt really been popular since the early  2000s, I believe there lays huge potential in the franchise as a gaming IP. There have been plenty of digimon games in the last 15 years but only 1 (Digimon World 1) has broke the 1m mark. I think the newest entry for the Vita will change that and put the franchise back on the map.

One of the best looking VIta games yet.






Reasons why I think it will be a strong seller

1. There are no pokemon esque games on sonys platform, (there are barely any on the 3DS). FOr whatever reason monster training games are extremely rare, quality ones are even rarer. However I believe that as RPGs go they are amongst the easiest to market.

2. There hasnt been a AAA digimon game until now. History would suggest that digimon games dont sell, but thats because most of them have had very little budget and are normally mediocre. From the tiny ingame video segment on the website and the screen shots, this game really impresses and gives off the vibe of a AAA RPG.

3. Its got a talented developer working on it. Media Vision are the same people who developed the critically aclaimed Valkyria chronicles 3 (9/10 from OPM and 36/40 from famitsu) and theyre working on this new digimon game, so we should at least expect a quality RPG.

4. Last but not leats, the game is Vita exclusive. Although the Vita doesnt have the largest userbase at the moment it is a far less competetive space then the 3DS and being exclusive to the system will likely garner the game more attention approaching release. The system is slowily building momentum in Japan and so this game may arrive at the right time to capitalise on that. It also hightens the chance of it being imported to the west with sonys recent efforts to localise key games for the system.

Will this game become a flagship title for the Vita? To clarify Im mainly talking about the Japanese market. 

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I doubt it, but it looks very impressive.

I could say mean things about both Vita and Digimon but instead I will say, not really... Least it looks nice, oh how I miss the original Digimon


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It does look nice from the Screenshots, but digimon is not very popular these days as far as I know.

I would say we're well past the point of when Digimon was popular enough to do great sales.  

It would need to be advertised heavily to do well.  

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Jizz_Beard_thePirate said:
I could say mean things about both Vita and Digimon but instead I will say, not really... Least it looks nice, oh how I miss the original Digimon

The Vita been doing rather solid in japan recently and Im sure key releases over the next few months will see it outsell the 3DS  (J star Victory, Project Diva F, Sword Art Online, Freedom Wars, Over my dead body 2).

I seriously doubt a game of an (historically) under performing series on an under performing system will do anything for the Digimon (videogame) ip -- Sure the game will be great, or at least good, haven't ever played a bad digimon game and i've been playing since the ps1 days, last one was Dawn for the DS, hell i still play digimon masters online haha

Bamco wont even localise the Vita Tales games, I've got no hope for this one getting localised :'^(

I would buy a vita for this. I spent days playing Digimon World 3/2003 on PSone back then.

Prediction: Kingdom Hearts 3(PS4) will sell at least 5:1 against Xone's version WW and it will have a better attach rate.

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Its production values are phenomenal. I dont care as much about it popularizing Digimon.. Just it being a awesome game that finally gives digimon an identity as a game series