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Infamous: Second Son - My review and new pictures!

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Hello fellow gamers,


I just finished up a 8 hour session with Infamous: Second Son. Some of you may recognize my name from earlier. I just wanted to give you a quick rundown of what I thought about the game, and provide you with some pictures taken straight from the PS4. **NO SPOILERS**


Second Son is a huge upgrade from the previous Infamous Titles. I know it's a no brainer to say the graphics are better seeing as Second Son is on a next gen console, but don't let that take away from how beautiful this game is. Sucker Punch did an outstanding job with making this game look and feel great. The controls feel good, even if the touch pad feels awkward at first. You use the touch pad to open doors, lift items, and other various things, but you will mainly use it to fuel Delsin's Powers by draining energy from objects in the surrounding world. Overall, the game looks and feels great. It's easily the best in the series, and I mean that by a long shot. The cast does a wonderful job, and the characters in Second Son actually feel alive, unlike some of the characters in the previous Infamous Titles. 


I've unlocked the third power in the game, and I would imagine that I'm pretty far in. I will not spoil the game for anyone, but if you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Here are some photos from my journey.


Note: I have not fully completed the game


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Thanks!   ~lovely1rainbow







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Looks amazing.

I am so jealous right now. Lucky!

Sucker Punch FTW

and still compressed lol

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I feel as though the Beanie is not as detailed at the one seen in e3 therefore pre-order canceled!

Jking, it looks great, calm your pubic hairs


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Looks great, and look forward to seeing it in its full glory on a big screen television.

this one looks like a real person lol.
and its a fucking open world game

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Game looks awesome, will look better on my 65" w85 once i fuck around with its setting and find the ideal setting for ISS