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Di you like Russia?

Yes, I love it! 218 35.68%
No, I hate it. 144 23.57%
Russia is strange... 130 21.28%
Don't know yet, curious ... 67 10.97%
Don't know and don't care. 45 7.36%

Hi everybody!
Looking on this forums I found that the view of Russia in Western minds is often the total perversion of a reality!
If anyone have some questions on a position of a simple citizen of Russia, I can try to answer it. 
I promise you to be honest and sincere, but don't forget - all my answers will be just IMHO, I'm not pretending to be a voice of Russian people, just my personal point of view!

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Why are they lying about their troops being in Crimea?

I'm not really here!

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A... Are... There Bears on unicycles?

Also, do you guys think that Ukraine belongs to Russia like the president does?


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How did those oligarchs get away with stealing all the assets of the russian people? I mean, obviously they paid corrupt politicians or were friends of theirs... but why did the russian people roll over and accept it?

I'm not really here!

Link: Shipment History Since 1995

kowenicki said:
Why are they lying about their troops being in Crimea?

Because those troops don't have russian insignia, so you can't say it's actualy russians. Maybe some local trained militia.

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Is St Petersburg as nice as it looks?

Hmm, pie.

Is America's perverted view of Russia any worse than the perverted view of America that Russia has?

Also, your thoughts on the anchor that quit on air. Do you think she was full of it or being honest?

Hi! From the other thread is would like to continue the conversation. i am very interested to know what you have to say.

Sharu said:
Nem said:

Did you miss the part where the russian president fled from the country? Yes, there is plenty wrong with the russian parliament. Its a scham. The elections are fixed aswell, so nope. Its still a dictatorship in practice. It just tries to look like its not, and badly at that.

Well, thats what i heard from the news. Not my fault if its innacurate. Though i would like to be enlighted on your side of the events.

Though i especially would like for you to explain to me how it isnt a dictatorship, because Putin just keeps swapping between the president and prime minister positions to stay in power. I would like to see you say he doesnt have control over the powers of both those positions.

kowenicki said:
Why are they lying about their troops being in Crimea?

Khm... First of all, I'm not Putin. ))

Second, we have an agreement with Ukraine that we can have in Crimea up to 25 000 soldiers.Current amount if I'm not mistaken is around 10-15 thousands. 
As I understand from speech of our president, currently Russia isn't planning to put more troops then allowed by this agreements. (So we still can easily increase amount of troops there by 10-15 thousands).

IF russian citizens will be in danger - Russian parlament allowed our president to put more troops there, and use it on the territory of the whole Ukraine, not only Crimea. 
The military man on photos don't have any signs of Russian army, so we don't have any proof if they Russian army or not. They speak Russian - but 99% of Crimea people and 95% of all Ukraine also perfectly speak Russian, so this means nothing.

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What you think of ignorant people who think WW III could happen?

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