Present/Future Multi Console Gamers, Which Will You Be Gaming On? (WiiU/PS4/X1 only)

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I Will Be Gaming on...

Both PS4+WiiU 44 41.12%
Both PS4+X1 4 3.74%
Both X1+WiiU 2 1.87%
All 3 10 9.35%
Just WiiU 27 25.23%
Just PS4 14 13.08%
Just X1 5 4.67%
Not a True Gamer! 1 0.93%

PS4 and Wii U, but the Wii U is played only for the exclusives.

Own: CoD: Ghosts, AC IV, Killzone: Shadow Fall
Will Get: Watch_Dogs, InFamous, MGS V and Ground Zeroes, Uncharted, many others

Wii U:
Own: Mario U, Luigi U, Mario 3D World, ZombiU, Wind Waker HD, Scribblenauts, Nintendo Land, DK: Tropical Freeze
Will Get: Mario Kart 8, Smash Bros., Zelda, basically most of the really good exclusives

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I'll play all of them eventually. I only have a Wii U know. Nintendo Land, NSMBU, Scribblenauts Unlimited, Zombi U, SM3DW, Sonic, and Wind Waker HD.

I'll get Donkey Kong, Mario Kart, Smash Bros., and Zelda U eventually.

Wii U now, PS4 once Final Fantasy comes out. Xbone maybe eventually, we'll see what it has to offer down the line. Multiplats will probably be mostly on PS4 unless the Wii U gets some interesting gameplay like it is with Watch Dogs.

I plan on getting a Wii U this spring, probably hold out until Mario Kart releases since I believe there is a slight chance for a price cut/bundle to coincide with it.

Ill get PS4 a couple years later, most of the games that interest me are also going to be released on PS3 so ill just get them on that. Once its $299, has a nice selection of exclusives and multiplats become 8th gen only ill gladly get a PS4, im guessing holiday 2016.

Currently not interested in Xbox but if it gets its price down and gets some killer exclusives that appeal to me ill reconsider.

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Ps4 main gaming ex and multi

X1 and u a few exc,

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At some point later this gen I hope to have all 3, as well as a Steambox. Right now it's just Xbox One. Steambox will probably be next, then Wii U, then PS4.

I'll be playing on all 3 but I'll be playing on PS4 primarily for Multiplats & Exclusives, Whilst WiiU and XB1 I will probably only buy exclusives for, unless there's a reason to buy the WiiU/XB1 version of a multiplat game because of extra content or maybe performance reasons.

PS4 > WiiU > XB1 is what I expect the order of most used for me will be, All 3 consoles have great exclusives coming though

"Both PS4+WiiU"

But of course also PC. And for present I would have to add PS3 too.

In regards of how much I use them at the moment it would be:
1. PC
2. PS3
3. Wii U
4. PS4

And in the future I would suppose, most likely:
1. PC
2. PS4
3. Wii U
4. PS3

PS4 and PC (I know the title says console).

Maybe a Wii U down the line.

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I've had a Wii U since launch and I'm planning on buying a PS4 soon. Xbox is a maybe, but I doubt it.