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For me the Megaman series.

I loved playing the classic NES titles as a kid but boy did I ever get curb stomped by them.

Purchasing Megaman 1+2 as well as Megman X on the Wii U's VC has further proved my point.

Currently forever stuck on Iceman stage!

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Super Meat Boy... I keep on dying but fuck, it be sooooo goood T_T


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The Binding of Isaac for me. I really love that game. The atmosphere, the item-system, just great.
I played it for about 20 hours or so but still didn't beat mom (basically the first real boss).

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Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood!

i like the game but damn, those prinnies are lame and i only get 1000 of them. Not enough!

Gran Turismo... won't ever make vettel challenges on gold

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Demon Souls, the game shows no mercy but goddamn does it give satisfaction when you pass a boss!

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World of Warcraft.
I always was that nubbie, but man did I love that game

Megaman series
Arc Rise Fantasia (yes, I know )

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I never give up on a game... But I haven't finished the original Zelda, Megaman 1, and still trying with the first Castlevania.
Also, some time ago it was FPS's, but because I like them, I became good at it over time.

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