Forums - Sales Discussion - Knack Sells 322k Units in Japan (2days) Outsells Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze

Will vgchartz be including these sales? Considering knack is bundled with every PS4, these sales are correct :)

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lol, first million seller for ps4?

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Pavolink~ I lose if SSB 3DS sells less than 200k FW in japan. We all kno i already won Very Easily though :)

I'm pretty sure they include digital sales that are physical, such in the case of a bundle. I mean it's no different tracking wise.

Knack is now outselling 3D World correct?

tbone51 said:
lol, first million seller for ps4?

It will be in japan ;)

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Oh, you Knack always surpising everyone! Pretending your a doom game and now hitting a million soon!

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tbone51 said:
lol, first million seller for ps4?

It's at 0.9 million.

Also PS4 has 5 million sellers already...



@SM3DW is at 1.82 million

Knack sold more in two days than Super Mario 3D World sold in four weeks. Knack must be the better game.


Knack is so good it's got a 100% attach rate in Japan.

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NeoRatt said:
Sony is now renaming the PlayStation to the RePlayStation...

You can replay PC Indie or PS3 games on it!
lol, so all the ps4 sold in Japan are Knack bundle :v ... OMG ...

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That's not even fair, but it's pretty funny hahaha.