I talk about video games more than I play them, and I am ashamed.

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Therefore, I am taking a break from Vgchartz. I do love this site, but I find myself hyping up games and being excited for them; yet never actually playing them because I use most of my free time to discuss things on this site. 

Back to basics for me guys. I've got games to play on Ps3, Vita, and soon to be 3DS. Bye. 

P.S. I will obviously still lurk on the weekly sales, as I have done for many years. 

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Hope you come back soon with a lot of new games under your belt!

I'm currently doing the exact same thing.

This site's addicting. Hope you come back dude!

Assuming you possess a free will you were already doing what was most fun for you.

If you demand respect or gratitude for your volunteer work, you're doing volunteering wrong.

If you have a job, the chartz are great for filling up your few extra minutes of free time. It isn't great when you could be playing a game but instead waste your time on here.

Good luck playing! ;)

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It's time to do both man, play and stalk the threads :)

Gaming hibernation, we've all been there bro. See you soon then.

Its ok, u wont be gone for long! You may think you have free will but you don't, vgc is ur life


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Good on you. Gamers play games, pure and simple.

I'm sure you'll still contribute a fair bit though!


edit: play... not plat... Jeez, maybe I'll stay off this site today. Too tired for this shit!

Be back soon okay??