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This thread is an all time low, just because Sony doesn't pay it's fanboys to advertise their products you bash ms
Sounds like your jelly, maybe u should switch sides....

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GEE i wonder why Titanfall is getting so much hype lol $$$$$$$$$$$$$ MS must be paying up the ass and people still aren't that hyped


-Mr Khan

That isnt a low. That is a pretty good idea.


Basil's YouTube Channel


The evil corporation is at it again, don't take Satan's bait!

I don't see desperation there....

obviously they need marketing... and youtubers gets millions of views (depends which channel)

and have a good marketing prowess.... so if they decide to market on TV (it is ok?), if they market on video games site (it is ok?), if they market in magazines or newspaper (it is ok?) but on youtube is NOT????

that's kinda bias.....

marketing is marketing... all time low? lol I don't see why


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Guys Sony paid a TV company to show its commercial how low can they get

And you think other companies don't do it? You think as example that guy who got an PS4 for free to make a fun video got it only because he is so nice? lol

Next you tell me that companies pay TV Stations to integrate their products in their shows...

Believe it or not, if some actor drinks Pepsi in a show he doesn't do it without a reason (you obviously know that). The only difference is that Youtube is a much newer medium and with that it takes time until companies know how to market their products the best there. Paying famous Youtubers is obviously one  step and I would do exactly the same if I would have a big company.

And next time a famous Youtuber says something like "Bought a new cam to film the videos, this is my new Nikon" don't be surprised if there is a reason why he told you which company the cam is from.

But I think for some people on the internet it is just easier to believe Microsoft is the only company paying actors/stations/youtubers/sportmen and so on to market their products. Because like we should know now, everything Microsoft does has to be bad and if it isn't we just say it is.

that's actually pretty smart and cheap as hell advertisement on there part. I'm surprise that sony hasn't come up with something like this.

LOL at the MS low comments and underhanded.

Microsoft are PAYING money for AVRTISING!

Its not Microsofts fault Sony cant even remotely match them moneywise.

Good job Microsoft. Advertising is everything.

Azerth said:
Guys Sony paid a TV company to show its commercial how low can they get


"Recording industry titan Sony BMG Music Entertainment agreed Monday to pay $10 million and stop bribing radio stations to feature its artists in what a state official called a more sophisticated generation of the payola scandals of decades ago."

"Spitzer said Sony BMG’s efforts to win more airplay took many forms, including outright bribes of cash and electronics to radio stations and paying for contest giveaways for listeners. In other cases, he said, Sony BMG used middlemen known as independent promoters to funnel cash to radio stations."