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Shin’en currently has two Wii U games in development, Fast Racing Neo, and a unannounced project. Shin’en’s Digital Artist Martin Sauter, has revealed the studio will be revealing the unannounced project in the “next weeks.” 

“When talking about future releases, we revealed our next Nintendo WiiU game, Fast Racing Neo. I can’t post too many information at the moment, but I can confirm, that this will not be a simple port or remake of the Wii version. It will be a standalone, full new product and we try it to create the most exciting eShop game in 2014. Plus there is another WiiU game I’m currently working on. It should get revealed in the next weeks, but that’s all I’m allowed to write.”


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haha I was just about to make a thread about it :P

anywho can't wait and I wonder if it will be in the next ND (so probably at the end of this month (note the "s" in weeks)) or maybe before

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Sweet. These guys are really showing what the Wii U can do graphically. The visuals on Nano Assault were amazing.

Maybe a preview in this month's Nintendo Direct?

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Nintendo should release FRN retail

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tell me when metroid is back then ill buy a wii u..

theleaguegame said:
tell me when metroid is back then ill buy a wii u..

And why are you in this thread?

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Calling it now: it's Art of Balance Neo.

And I'm happy with that; Art of Balance on Wii was a fantastic little puzzle game with a nice calming atmosphere and gameplay that was accessible, yet ramped up to be very satisfyingly challenging.

They also said in a previous interview that their Wii U games, plural, would use 4k-8k textures from now, so whatever their new game is, it will look gorgeous, and run at a delicious v-synced 60fps.

Jett Rocket 3 confirmed.

NintendoSupporter<3 said:
Jett Rocket 3 confirmed.

They only just released Jett Rocket 2 on 3DS.