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1080p 158 30.80%
60fps 289 56.34%
Results 65 12.67%

Which do you prefer in a game?

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framerrate issues.

Depends on the type of game i actually really like the unlocked framerate of killzone and knack since both felt very smooth, not having any noticeable screen tearing, while rendering in full 1080p. 

FPS/Sports/Fighting 60fps

TPS unlocked framerate

and any other genre, unlocked framerate or a super solid 30fps.

Personaly I prefer 4K and 240fps.

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1080p@120fps on a 120 hz monitor please :)

In terms of those 2, 60 fps wins easily.

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Depends on what game am I playing... If there is tits involved, than I need as much detail as possible on my 1080p monitor so 1080p on that... But if its pretty much anything else, than 60 fps... unless its anything lower than 720p like 480p, then no thanks


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Not a big difference in 1080, 900, 720p. To me artstyle is more important than anything. But FPS is very noticeable to the eye.

Having both would be preferred though.

60 fps any day unless the game is extremely slow, and even if the game is very slow, it's not obvious that I'd pick 1080p instead of 60 fps.

I am also convinced that a soft 60 FPS is the way to go. It gets the most out of the hardware while providing 90% of the smoothness of locked 60 FPS game...

I say if this were really next gen this wouldn't be a question.

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