Forums - Gaming Discussion - I don't think PS4 demand is as high as we are lead to believe.

I have seen numerous users on the forum thinking PS4's are being sold on ebay huge profit. But the reality is... here are some recent ads that just ended on ebay.

Many sellers are struggling to achieve $450 - $500. So after ebay and paypal fees, its unlikely these sellers are seeing a profit or may even be losing money.

It should be noted I didn't cherry pick, ebay is flooded with PS4's that aren't selling or not selling for a much of a profit.


Even on my local craigslist you'll find plenty of PS4's available. Once again, not selling at a large profit simply because its flooded with PS4s.


Anyhow, there is no doubt demand for PS4 exist. I heard claims there are millions of people waiting on their pre order. But the reality is, its not that hard to find a PS4 if you want one. People aren't making much of profit selling them either. You can get a PS4 for less than the cost of a X1.

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Demand for PS5 huh?

We'll know the real deal on Janurary and feburary NPD numbers.

Nice stealth edit lol

Blood_Tears said:
Nice stealth edit lol

No, it was a typo.

I caught it, you caught it, the end.

Feel free to discuss the topic or move along.

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I think this is more a sign of changing times. Why spend way more on a console when all you have to do is be vigilant and follow one of the few online trackers and order one retail. people are more and more internet savvy while having less and less disposable income.

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Do you have any links for a picture of a PS4?

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I had two brothers buy ps4s to sell them. One managed to sell it for 540 on ebay, so after all the fees were taken out and shipping he ending up making like 50 bucks is all. My other brother never did manage to sell his...

i waited because i didn't want to pay more.

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They've actually been on sale on a few websites the last couple of days maybe?...