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6/10, good if off-focus


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

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Yah, it's a direct screenshot.
9/10. I like dogs.

This, I stole from grandpa...It's called soap.

6/10 benefit of the doubt,
I don't know who or from what that is :3

8/10 qt

8/10 A bit dim but I like the tone and feel of it.

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    9/10- Dark and awesome-looking. I like it.

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8/10 poor Doritoes pope

7/10 Bring back Naoto


Reminds me of Ken from Street Fighter, but cool sketches from aaonminier?

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Leadified said:
7/10 Bring back Naoto

She'll be back soon. with Fuuka maybe.