So, Wii U sells 48k this week in Japan, yet I'm worried

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Pavolink said:
Anfebious said:
We don't have to forget that it's close to holidays and Japanese people celebrate those too, so maybe the boost wasn't just Dragon Quest X...

Or maybe we just need to accept at this point that without third party Nintendo homeconsoles won't rise. I cannot wait for it to become the FIFA machine in Europe.

In that case the Wii U must be doing great in the US thanks to Call of Duty Ghosts, at least they will always have the support from Activision so the Wii U will keep on selling thanks to them.

Fifa on Europe would give the Wii U a good bump.

I think I agree with you, third parties are vital and Nintendo needs those to survive in the industry, their first party won't carry them this gen.

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