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Best thing: Learning from my peers here.
Worst thing: Getting dumber from my peers here.

It feels like it's either all or nothing here.

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Iveyboi said:
Worst: Inability to add games to collection, database being broken.

I miss 2012 when it worked *tear*

This pretty much sums up my feelings on this site. The main reason why I joined it too lol. Even if its broken, still the best feature imo it has sadly lol.


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Best thing about the site: The community

Worst thing about the site: Gamewise

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Best: More use of actual data to support arguments

Worst: Poor logic when applying data to support arguments

Best thing: The sales
Worst thing: they're usually wrong :/

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Best thing: People arguing about things that they cannot change, resulting in much jollies for me.

Worst thing(s): No correlation between IP addresses and accounts, possible multiple results from the many alternate accounts; counteraction seems to be an afterthought anyway, since it is possible to vote on polls MULTIPLE times, even when banned, thus questioning the very legitimacy of polls. Just fix or remove them. I suspect the latter is more pertinent, since the community here is little more than en exercise in entertainment.


BEST is sales data

WORST: The community in general.

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