PS4 becomes fastest selling console ever in Australia

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"EB Games have today released a Press Release detailing the success of the Playstation’s Launch in Australia. Over three hundred EB stores opened at midnight last night so Australian gamers could celebrate the launch in style. The launches were huge, the biggest console releases seen in Australia so far and more than double the scale of the Playstation 3‘s launch in 2007."



Not surprising, Australia has been sony land since 2009

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You need to revise the title

I don't think you mean "best selling", since it's only been on sale for less than a week.

Did you mean to say fastest selling?

This is the Game of Thrones

Where you either win

or you DIE

lol sorry! fixed

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Australia should now become part of EU.

Happy to be one of those people at the launch :)
Was my first midnight launch event for a console and it was worth lining up for.
Only had to stand in line for about 6 hours XD


Fools! They'll rue the day. ;p I'm kidding, for Kromm's sake I'm JFK!

Nothing can stop the train

Predictions for end of 2014 HW sales:

 PS4: 17m   XB1: 10m    WiiU: 10m   Vita: 10m


PS4 will be No#1 for sure in the new gen. X1 will be on spot#2 with healthy sales although the gap to PS4 might be wider than 20million. Wii U will be totally fucked up as far as I see.