UK Chart: COD Ghosts Sold More Copies on PS4 (~24k) than Wii U

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DAT unreleased console.

Ghosts on PS4 > Ghosts on PC > Ghosts on Wii U


Ghosts on PS4 > Battlefield 4 on PS3 > Assassin's Creed 4 on PS3 this week.

Even more...

Ghosts on PS4 is the 7th best selling individual game this week.


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In other news, that's really crappy for the new Layton game.

Suprised cod sold at all on wii u tbh, i thought low player counts from bo2 would've put ppl off

what about XB1...??

Wii U is doomed confirmed

When you think my english is bad...sorry for my bad english,    i'm from Germany. And yeees, sorry, that we've almost destroyed the whole world, blahblahblah

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Re-confirmed: Nintendo`s gamers have a better taste than sony`s

Cannoly said:
Wii U is doomed confirmed

You forgot the caps. Whenever you say confirmed it should be like this: CONFIRMED. It gives it more depth and drama.

"I've Underestimated the Horse Power from Mario Kart 8, I'll Never Doubt the WiiU's Engine Again"

Wow what a surprise third party game not selling on wii U, then Nintendo fans complain about lack of third party support lol

Bet reminder: I bet with Tboned51 that Splatoon won't reach the 1 million shipped mark by the end of 2015. I win if he loses and I lose if I lost.

Yes, considering that Nintendo barely catches outside market but only Nintendo fanboys that are used to Mario and stuff like that,is a surprise that a cod game can sell there.

Guys.... this sales are from last week... PS4 releases only late November in UK.

This is absolutely AMAZING.

Almost 1 month before the release and a PS4 game is the 7th best seeling game.