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This is just poor marketing. They should be concentrating in games if games are not of their desired spec. Very poor choice of words from microsoft.

Edit: Guys its fake news.




New Xbox One Fact says "No Difference Between 720p and 1080p, Human Eye Can't Tell Difference"

By Alex Fri, 2013-11-01 06:43 Video GameXbox OneMicrosoft

Microsoft has just released a brand new image showcasing another fact related to Xbox One. This latest image in Xbox One fact campaign is related on going 1080p and 720p controversy on internet.

The ad states: "There is no difference between 720p and 1080p. It has been scientifically proven human eyes    can't tell the difference. So why bother."

The image also carries a comparison image showcasing difference between 720p HD video vs Full HD 1080p video: "As you can see there is no difference, as a matter of fact 720p offers better image quality and provides more impressive flimic experience  to the player only with the power of Xbox One"

This is really strange thing, numerous game has been confirmed to run at lower resolution on Xbox One than PS4 for example Battlefield 4 runs at 900p on PS4 whereas on Xbox One it runs at 720p.You can take a look at the comparison footage below. It cleary answer how true above fact of Microsoft is.






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Why would they bring attention to the fact that their games are running at lower resolution...

Edit: Also 720P brings more immersive, filmic experience?  Lol this can't be real.

There is no difference, I play on 720p all the time.





since i cant seem to find the right words ill use this for now

edit:  After luaghing for a while i noticed..  how can it be both un noticable to the human eye, and provide a more filmic experience?   doesnt that contradict itself?

awe its fake, that ruins the fun

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You do know the image has been confirmed to be fake, right?

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ROFL, this has to be fake.....right?

I hope this isn't real

Is this fake? Hard to believe they would put giant arrows pointing to the fact that Xbox One is running these games at a lower resolution.

Not that it really matters ... people are making such a big deal out of something that, as MS points out, is really not noticeable at all.

It does however, just seem like a really transparent damage control add to try to spin what I assume is poor optimization on Xbox One (I would imagine the hardware can handle 1080p np ... look at Forza and Ryse).

Just seems really inept though ... think about it for a few seconds ... if 720p actually looks better then why would the developers bother allowing for 1080p? If it is such a great resolution why don't we just run every game now and forever at 720p for that "film" experience ... just seems idiotic. I would just say that 720p and 1080p look pretty much the same and leave it at that ... don't try to spin this into an advantage. It feels desparate.

"UPDATE: The IMAGE is FAKE, Sorry for the misinformation"

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My favorite part is that it says there is no difference then the next statement says 720 is better. Isnt that kinda a contradiction?

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