Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Wild Giant Xbox One Appears! *Enter to win an Xbox One and Launch Line up!!*


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Is that at 1/4th scale?

Hahaha I'm really not funny.

Just pledged my GamerTag. You don't have to be in Vancouver to win stuff!

I've entered like 5 times since I never remember the correct way to write my name. Wish it would give an error message.

Well... I think I am gonna wait for the Slim Version for once


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That is pretty awesome actually. For some reason I got the picture of a "POD" in my mind when I saw that.

They really should make PODS into big ass X1's.


JoeTheBro said:
Is that at 1/4th scale?

Hahaha I'm really not funny.

Hey I got a laugh out of it!


OT: Just pledged my GT as well. I know I won't win anything, but I figured why not. I'm interested to see what's inside of the giant Xbox One, only 61% left to unlock (which shouldn't take too long).

I had no idea how big the Xbox One really is!

Look at the tiny people.

I am sad for the loss of innovation, all gaming and gamers mourn the pushing back of the future to another time.  The ice cream may be melting.  E3 Save us all!

Their luck that internet trolls never leave their basement or it would be already full of graffiti

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I would love to win the trip to Toronto ^^'.

Gamechasers Ice bucket challenge!!

Come on PAT you are next!!