Predict WiiU LTD by Dec 31st 2013 - 5.34m LTD FINAL SALES

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WiiU LTD by Dec 31st 2013?

5.5 million or less 330 36.50%
6 million 181 20.02%
6.5 million 111 12.28%
7 million 85 9.40%
7.5 million 54 5.97%
8 million 52 5.75%
8.5 million 16 1.77%
9 million 12 1.33%
9.5 million 5 0.55%
10 million or more 58 6.42%

Seems to be a divisive topic on VGC, some believe the console will sail past 10 million by years end, some think it'll fail to hit 7m. What do you think the LTD of WIiU will be by years end??

Here are the sales (Shipments) and LTD as of September 30th.

Launch - 3.06m
Q1 14 - 0.39m
Q2 14 - 0.16m
Q3 14 - 0.30m

LTD 3.91m.


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I will say it will reach 10 Million!

"I've Underestimated the Horse Power from Mario Kart 8, I'll Never Doubt the WiiU's Engine Again"

All I know is that it wont pass the Vita this year.

Prepare to be underwhelmed.

Hope it does good though. Mario 3D World is realistically the only thing that will sell the Wii U during the holidays.

Should comfortably reach 6 million by year-end (shipped to retailers).

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About 5.5m to 6m.

I put 7m


6 million would be ok. It would at least escape disaster territory selling that many in its first year with hardly any games. It gives hope for 2014.

6.2m shipped

- 1m

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