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          So long story short, I'm a game developer that has never really got into fighting games. I'm played the smashes, that 3D tom and jerry fighter, and playstation all stars. The simple mechanics made me enjoy them. I've attempted Mortal Kombat and Street fighter, but the mechanics never clicked with me. Now I'm stuck with a problem here: I'm making a fighting game!

        Help me out guys! Why do you enjoy these overly complex games?!?!

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A good fighting game is complex and easy to pick up. Also have personality with the style of the game. make that shit competitive too. If this makes sense.

Great gameplay that isnt too fast or too slow.

A lot of memorable characters too.

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We like them because they are overly complex. A good fighting game is like a game of chess.

Also fighting games are not for everyone that includes game developers and game players.

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Depends I guess... A game like Street Fighter is very complex, balanced but hard to compete online unless you are really dedicated...


A game like Super Smash Bros is complex (but not nearly as much as SF) but easy to pick up and play for anyone and its really fun and online isn't very competitive

The interesting thing is obviously... Even though SF is a "true" fighting game, I believe Smash Bros has a bigger fanbase just because its so much more fun for a lot more people


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It's a very simple formula: Simple and fun combo system, smooth gameplay and unique character design.

I think that's why, even though the Neatherrealms games (Mortal Kombat and Injustice) are enjoyable enough they don't hold their own against Street Fighter, Marvel Vs. Capcom, King of Fighters, Guilty Gear, or BlazBlue. They have the combo system right, but they're certainly missing the smooth gameplay and unique character design.

Also, A gimmick doesn't hurt (ie, parry system, focus attack, X-Ray, burst system, combo breaker etc).

And "overly complex" isn't the case with fighting games. What you call overly complex is just depth. Fighting games are naturally very shallow: it's just P1 vs P2 (possibly more in a arena style game), but the depth is needed to seperate the good players from the average; aand to stop players from getting bored of the game quickly by offering a learning curve and a challenge for the player to overcome. Fighting games, especially at a higher level get very technical, but you might not have expected it because of its p1 vs p2 premise.  The frame data, spacing, mind-games, blocking mix-ups, parrying, performing difficult combos, knowing when to do what, etc (pretty much everything that could be considered complex) is what makes the fighters skill based games. And why it's so satisfying to go 1 v1 against someone else.

So most of you guys are saying that the extreme difficulty of the mechanics themselves is a good thing? To me they're in the same boat as qwop.

the fighting

JoeTheBro said:
So most of you guys are saying that the extreme difficulty of the mechanics themselves is a good thing? To me they're in the same boat as qwop.

No, they're saying a simple mechanic that is also complex. The phrase 'Easy to pick up but hard to master' reflects that. Now you played smash right and you notice how easy it was to get into. Then you seen the level of skill those smash players have in tournaments right and how hard it is to get to that level.  


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"Help me out guys! Why do you enjoy these overly complex games?!?!"

It's like you're wondering why professional racing drivers enjoy driving race cars :P

The more skilled you are the more challenge you'll want. Tekken is by far my favorite fighting series, because no matter how good I become, there will always be someone who pretty much "harnessed" the game better that me. It's one of these games that you'll feel good when beating a high level opponent, and respect, even learn, from those who beat you. It requires a lot of intelligence, practice, patience, and reflexes so the range of players you're going to play with is huge.

For beginners, Tekken might be an overly complex game, but those who grew up with the series would only find it fun and challenging.