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Will PS4 and/or XB1 Top PS2's NA 1st Day Revenue Record?

PS4 will, but XB1 won't 109 65.27%
XB1 will, but PS4 won't 7 4.19%
They both will 31 18.56%
Neither will 11 6.59%
Will be too busy anticipa... 9 5.39%



While we don't have exact revenue numbers as of yet, the Playstation 4 has official sold 1m units in its first 24 hours in North America:

This is twice as many consoles sold the first day as the previous revenue record holder, Playstation 2, and even without full category revenue numbers for Playstation 4, it already shattered PS2's full category $250m with $400m for the PS4 units alone.

Congrats to Sony for handily topping their previous record.



It's time for this question once more.

On October 26, 2000, Sony far surpassed all launch records in North America with the biggest first day sales revenue ever in the history of entertainment.  This of course was the full category revenue launch (consoles, games and peripherals) of the Playstation 2, topping $250 million in its first 24 hours.

To this day, the only things that beat PS2's first day in North America - of any mass consumer product (games, movies, etc) - are the Call of Duty game launches since Black Ops in 2010, and of course, Grand Theft Auto 5.

But Playstation 2 definitely owns console/system launches in NA.  The Wii might have been able to best it if, first, it wasn't limited by supply on the first day (PS2 had around 500,000 units available), and second, if it wasn't $50 cheaper than PS2 was.

Now we have two contenders to the throne of NA first day console revenue - the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One - launching this November.  As of August 24, the PS4 and the XB1 have amassed 600,000 and 350,000 US preorders, respectively:

So, coupled with their higher price tags it's looking good for them, but it seems it will all come down to how many units will be available on day one, which is what this record is for.

So, do you believe NA will have a new first day revenue champion of consoles with the Playstation 4 and/or Xbox One this November?

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PS4 surely will. The pre-order numbers were over those of the PS2 some months ago already.

Nah I don't think so but anything can happen! If I had to bet though I would say the Xbox One in NA!

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That is a pretty low number actually, I have a hard time believing the last generation of game consoles didnt top it since they were priced so much higher than the ps2. 

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i think it could happen if Sony has enough units available, the hype for both the Xbone, and ps4 are at a fever pitch right now, and its only gonna get crazier till launch

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Definetly, PS4 full category revenue might be over a billion worldwide in the first 24 hours.

easily. Anyone who says otherwise is either downplaying or wishful thinking

gergroy said:

That is a pretty low number actually, I have a hard time believing the last generation of game consoles didnt top it since they were priced so much higher than the ps2. 

ps3 and 360 didnt have good launches. Wii was cheap and very limited.

Fastforward to now and you have relatively expensive consoles that will have good launches. 250m dollars in 24 hours? 500k ps4's + 1 game per unit will pass it

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Yes I'm sure both consoles will. With both consoles already surpassing a million preorders everyone saying these will be the two biggest launches of all time. Including Sony and Microsoft themselves.