Mario 64 wasnt the first true 3D platformer...Sony did it first

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the_dengle said:

It's in first-person, which means it sidestepped all of the camera control questions Mario 64 is known for answering.

Yes indeedy.

OT: I really liked Jumping Flash, but if we're getting that technical about who did 3D platforming first, Alpha Waves (Continuum) has JF beat by five years:


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It was good game.

Mario 64 was AMAZING... maybe the best 3D Mario EVAAAAAAAAAAR.

This actually looks like a ripoff of Doom

Mario 64 was the first "RENDERED 3D" game =)

Nintendo never meant it was the first 3D platformer XD

To the OP:

No one has ever claimed that Mario 64 was the first 3D platformer. Bubsy 3D and a couple of other games gave it a miserable try first as well. But Mario 64 WAS the first 3D platformer to actually BE fully 3D in it's gameplay, and to actually WORK, and play WELL, and be, you know....a fun game to play. That is why many people refer to it as "the first", because it was the first one to matter, and the one that all others afterwards, Sony included, emulated.

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Development of this started after the development of Mario64. (everyone knows how much time Nintendo takes and the N64 was designed for Mario64)

The prototype name was Springman which is somewhat a parody of Jumpman, Marios "original" name.  (spring is not only a tool to help people jump higher it also means jump  in general)

And it was NOT MADE by Sony. So I fail to see how SONY did anything at all.

i can see where nin stole a few ideas from this dev

I remember this well. This may have beaten Mario to market but while it has 3D graphics, and is a platform game it was never really a 3D platformer. It lacked analogue movement andstill had one foot stuck in the second dimension.

I don't know that anyone has claimed Mario 64 was the first 3D platformer but it certainly was the first to fully embrace the third dimension.

Jumping flash was 3D learning to crawl, Mario 64 was it learning to run. The formulas used in the genre today have their roots in Mario 64, not Jumping Flash.

There were quite a few 3d platformers before Mario 64.

Mario 64 wasn't praised for being the first 3D platformer. it was praised for being the first great one.

It was revolutionary.