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The best of gamescom? Meh.

Gamechasers going to Philly!


For some reason my live event player isn't showing anything.

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NobleTeam360 said:
For some reason my live event player isn't showing anything.

Me too but i can watch on the web

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That's cool!!! With Project Spark and Kinect you can create custom animations.

Is this going to have new reveals?

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No, just new features within the games already revealed.

BF4, for example they revealed a new vehicle. They showed FIFA game play too. VERY impressive.

The girl is hot, but unfortunately not too quick on her feet. Major Nelson tried to throw it to her and she completely fumbled it. Guess Brits need to learn how to play football. :)

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World of Tanks open beta now available in Europe for Xbox 360. More info on Xbox LIVE.