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Xbox One Starts with 100k in China, September 29th

   Chinese version of the Xbox One game at the September 29 officially on sale, starting has reached 100,000 units. Zhang Zhong, vice president of SMG accepted September 30 "Xinmin Evening News" interview, said it expected within five years, China Games output will reach over 100 billion size, and 10 years, the entire industry will have a super- trillion potential. 
       According A9VG news that one-year sales target of Xbox One of the more than 1 million.

       "Da Zhong, Shanghai Media & Entertainment Group Limited, Vice President, Shanghai Information Technology Development Co., hundreds of co-chairman as Shanghai Free Trade Zone No. 001 experimental enterprises settled in the" Master ", he said to get a business license The first second was "excited" and the second is the second so far are all "responsibility." 
to allow domestic players awaited Xbox One country thousands of units starting line edition yesterday, after an absence of 14 years of game consoles by Shanghai FTA test area The wind finally back. got the "001 number" hundreds of business licenses together, not only the first settled FTA "Benchmarking Enterprise", is the host game field, "eat crabs." Innovation often face more difficult, but entered the "FTA era" in the second year, Zhang Zhong still adhere to the "dared stride", a pioneer of reform in constant "exploration", the opening of the new benchmark. 
problem solving process is Innovation 
"China (Shanghai) free trade liberalization measures to expand the test area services" in the lifting of the ban on the game's only one sentence: "Allow foreign companies engaged in the production and sale of gaming entertainment devices, content review by the administrative department of culture of gaming entertainment devices can for the domestic market. "From a word starting to Xbox One version of the National Bank officially on sale, we have to solve a lot of problems. Fortunately, related industry management department with us through thick and thin, solve problems together, and this process is In the "innovation." 

When we do not look at this little game, there are many stories behind the line version .Xbox One country was able to sell a bare metal comes with the game? had never been clear, we depart from the market point of view, hope to add "content" sold together, but the machine's production, testing and other 3C link is public letter to departmental management, marketing, and content approval is the cultural sector tube under bull management, as a business we do not know, machines and Content can "mix and match" Sales? Who can come finalized? Finally, in order to allow consumers to have a better experience, Shanghai Media Bureau under the "negative list" to promote the Shanghai Municipal Government issued the Implementing Rules, clear the "mix and match" feasible, to help us solve the first big problem. 

, I think after the establishment of the FTA, the biggest change is the government department from "passive regulation" into "active service", it will stand in the market point of view the problem in order to facilitate business, rather than to hold your thinking. If the past businesses on board, government departments on the shore, so now everyone is in the same boat, while for the entire industry, one hundred together in a free trade zone to solve a problem, will form the future of new norms and institutions, while other companies to follow up, do not dark boating, because the sea have the "Lighthouse." 

But this year, I personally have not dealt with each department, because many things are open and transparent, to something done what is necessary to achieve the standard, very clear. lack of clarity, no previous processes, we apply also had to respond immediately. the year, I've only been twice FTA. once the listing ceremony September 29, 2013, and another one is coming after Premier Li Keqiang held FTA business forum. 
once lifted drive around the industry 

when it comes to this forum, I am honored as the first speaking on behalf of a business, I mentioned that in his speech of the "five unexpected", which has two "unexpected" is the "think small game can bring billions of value", "think so quickly be copied." 

Since hundreds of co-host the game entered the field, from the aspects of the machine, content, applications, manufacturers have to follow up. Xbox One state line version of 10 games, there are two domestic game companies are making, we have made ​​the game in the butt to debug than 10, to discuss cooperation with the domestic game makers also have more than 10, I believe the future of domestic Games will be more and more. Because a perfect world, Netease, Tencent and some small and medium sized game production studios are concerned about the console games market. In addition, shortly after the establishment of hundreds together, Sony and the Oriental Pearl also teamed registered gaming companies in the free trade zone. As I understand it, Huawei, ZTE, NINETOWNS several companies consider the production game. In functional applications, Xbox One driving game engine, wearable devices, Versus chair, 3D technology and other peripheral industry development, a lot more will be activated derivatives related industries and businesses to develop. 

We expect that within five years, the direct output of console games market in China will reach over 100 billion size; over the next 10 years, the whole industry chain will have had the potential trillion. China will become a very promising world's largest manufacturer of home consoles and content operators. All this took place in Shanghai FTA test area, is a far-reaching impact of paper brought after the ban was lifted. 
Can further explore the "filing system" 

runs an annual trade zone, the long road of reform, opening up and arduous tasks. I look forward to next year for more departments to introduce the FTA more "negative list" to achieve further decentralization proposed by Premier Li Keqiang, support innovation, enterprise, for our culture, whether in the free trade zone further explore the "filing system", one hundred combined enterprise applications, such as the first step of further "pilot." 

Personally, I think: the core is the institutional innovation FTA test area. Government let go, let companies daring break, bold try, strode forward, even if the fall that can throw a long memory. Only let companies continue to "trial and error" and "self-innovation", 100 co-Premier Li Keqiang to really complete the FTA Message to "001 Enterprises" and "good benchmark to play lead." "
Xbox One Releasing in China September 29th


(Reuters) - Microsoft Corp has set Sept. 29 as the new launch date for its Xbox One game console in China, the U.S. software giant said on Tuesday, in the first launch since a 14-year ban on sales of foreign games consoles was lifted this year.


The world's biggest software company gave no reason for the delay in the launch which was originally scheduled for Sept. 23.


The delay is the latest in a series of setbacks for Microsoft in China, where it is under investigation for suspected anti-trust violations related to the Windows operating system and Microsoft Office.


"We take great care to ensure that we meet or exceed regulatory standards," said Microsoft in an e-mail to Reuters in response to the delayed console launch.


The Xbox One console will cost 3,699 yuan (367.60 pounds) without the Kinect motion detection system and 4,299 yuan ($700.53) with Kinect, Microsoft said.


China is the world's third-biggest gaming market where revenues grew by more than a third from 2012 to nearly $14 billion (8.54 billion pounds)last year.


Console games must also get approval from Shanghai's local culture department, which will ensure they do not harm China's national unity, territorial integrity or reputation - or promote racial hatred, obscenity, gambling, violence or drugs. This could stop some of video games' biggest franchises, such as Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty, from being published in China.


"After receiving government approval for the first wave of games, we've decided to launch with digital copies of the first 10 games now and will continue our work to bring more blockbuster games and a broad offering of entertainment and app experiences to the platform in the months to come," Enwei Xie, Microsoft's general manager for Xbox China, said in a press release.


In May, Sony Corp) said it would set up a joint venture with Shanghai Oriental Pearl Group to bring the PlayStation games console to China.


Microsoft makes the Xbox One console with Chinese internet TV set-top box maker BesTV New Media Co Ltd.

Killer Instinct Maya Trailer 

Forza Horizon 2 Launch Trailer

103k Xbox One's Pre-Ordered in China

Undead Labs Talks aboutthe Future of State of Decay.  Multiplayer will be the Heart of Any Future State of Decay Games

Hola fellow survivors,

There's been a flood of good news about State of Decay lately, and it's been both exhilarating and humbling to share it with you. It's always easy to share good news; but it's much harder to share disappointing news, and unfortunately that is what I must do today.

Over the past few weeks we've been working with Microsoft to lay plans for the future of State of Decay, including future Title Updates, DLC, and possible sequels. As part of that process we've also been thoroughly evaluating the possibility of adding co-op multiplayer to State of Decay. While there are great things in store for State of Decay, unfortunately multiplayer is not one of them.

As many of you know, we had originally planned to offer co-op multiplayer in State of Decay. However, we had to make the decision to cut it during development, which we announced in our forums one year ago. The reasons were mostly technical, as we were up to our eyeballs trying to retrofit our game engine to support an open-world sandbox game rather than the FPS style games it had been designed for. That retrofitting would have extended to the multiplayer support as well, and we estimated it could have delayed release of the game by as much as half a year. It was a painful decision, but a necessary one given the realities of our team size and project budget.

It's no secret the game has done well, so we now have the opportunity to realize some of our hopes — and your hopes — for how we reinvest in the game and make it even better. We know co-op is the most requested addition to State of Decay, and we've also continued to hope it might be a possibility after release. Unfortunately, after reevaluating it over the past few weeks, we believe our original estimate of six months was optimistic; the actual time is probably closer to nine months.

We could "check the box" and shoehorn multiplayer in sooner than that, but it wouldn't be a great experience, and certainly not one we'd be proud of. It's not simply a matter of adding the technology, but also redesigning core game systems to support multiple players, and then adding new content designed for people to play together. It's easy to imagine how all that would come together — as many have said, the game is practically begging for it — but retrofitting the game to add that experience would take the rest of this year, and well into the next. Worse, it would preclude our ability to offer any other kind of support for the game, including Title Updates and DLC.

We want to see a multiplayer State of Decay as badly as you do, but it’s not feasible to retrofit it into the existing game. That said, I can say definitively that multiplayer will be the absolute heart of any future State of Decay games. As many of you know, we've always had ambitious plans for the future of State of Decay, and those plans have not changed.

From the entire team at Undead Labs, I want to express our gratitude and appreciation to each of you for being here on the forums and giving us your thoughts, hopes, and opinions on the game every day. I'm not just talking to those of you who give us support and encouragement — although you give us the rocket fuel we need to keep going every day — but also those of you who provide constructive criticism and help "keep it real.”

Stay tuned for announcements on what we are going to do with State of Decay. We're just getting started.



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Forza Horizon 2 Scores (86 Metacritic)

Gamerscore League 

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May's results.


Current standings

VGC Gamertag Total GS TA Races Platinums
1 jlmurph2 Murph JL 341 181 46 36 78
2 Welfare Welfare Queen I 261 143 45 24 49
3 NobleTeam360 SoDecimated 228 146 32 13 37
4 Angelus Arch Adonias 206 89 27 18 72
5 Ka-Pi96 Kapi96 202 127 29 19 27
6 Slade6alpha Slade6alpha 124 85 12 0 27
7 shikamaru317 Dethfromabove17 115 85 15 4 11
8 Brotherstotheend NOBLE CAMPER 102 85 17 0 0
9 Ryuu96 XiRyuuXi 98 52 4 5 37
10 VisionarySine VisionarySine 77 54 4 8 11
11 LudicrousSpeed Cpt RonCodpiece 75 48 7 10 10
12 Damo Honeycomb Maze 63 42 5 6 10
13 MoHasanie FrequentFlyer52 36 34 2 0 0
14 endimion Endimyon 34 31 3 0 0
15 Libara Libara 32 30 2 0 0
16 roland32 VehementAbyss 31 20 2 4 5
17 Iceland Elixir Error 29 25 4 0 0
18 Fusioncode Foxhound214 22 22 0 0 0
19 outlawauron LeafyBug07 8 6 2 0 0



11th March - 7th April 2014

VGC Gamertag GS Points
1 Welfare Welfare Queen I 925 10
2 NobleTeam360 GuiltySpartan11 850 8
3 Angelus Arch Adonias 775 6
3 jlmurph2 Murph JL 775 6
5 LudicrousSpeed Cpt RonCodpiece 755 3
6 shikamaru317 Dethfromabove17 680 3
7 Ryuu96 XiRyuuXi 595 2
8 Ka-Pi96 Kapi96 405 1
9 Slade6alpha Slade6alpha 25 0


Trials Fusion
15th April - 12th May 2014

VGC Gamertag GS Points
1 jlmurph2 Murph JL 600 10
2 Ka-Pi96 Kapi96 475 8
3 Damo Honeycomb Maze 355 6
4 LudicrousSpeed Cpt RonCodpiece 100 4


Retail Platinums

  Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
1st: Angelus 10th February 2014
Current: Angelus 930 GS

 Battlefield 4
1st: Ryuu96 5th April 2014
Current: Angelus, jlmurph2 1000+ GS

 Call of Duty: Ghosts (Xbox 360)
1st: NobleTeam360 7th November 2013
Current: NobleTeam360 950 GS

 Call of Duty: Ghosts (Xbox One)
1st: VisionarySine 16th December 2013
Current: Angelus 1000+ GS

 Dead Rising 3
1st: Ryuu96 16th April 2014
Current: Angelus, roland32, Ryuu96 1000+ GS

 FIFA 14
1st: Ka-Pi96 31st May 2014
Current: Ka-Pi96 780 GS

 Forza Motorsport 5
1st: Angelus 9th April 2014
Current: Angelus 1000+ GS

 Madden NFL 25
1st: NobleTeam360 21st August 2014
Current: NobleTeam360 775 GS

 Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes
1st: Welfare 30th June 2014
Current: Angelus 950 GS

 Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare
1st: jlmurph2 9th March 2014
Current: jlmurph2, shikamaru317 1000+ GS

 Rayman Legends
1st: Slade6alpha 11th April 2014
Current: Slade6alpha 1000+ GS

 Ryse: Son of Rome
1st: Angelus 26th November 2014
Current: Angelus, Ryuu96 1000+ GS

 South Park: The Stick of Truth
1st: Damo 13th March 2014
Current: Damo, Slade6alpha 1000+ GS

1st: Welfare 17th March 2014
Current: LudicrousSpeed, NobleTeam360, Welfare 1000+ GS

 Tomb Raider - Definitive Edition
1st: Ryuu96 27th March 2014
Current: Angelus 890 GS

 Trials Fusion
1st: jlmurph2 23rd May 2014
Current: jlmurph2 1000+ GS

 Watch Dogs
1st: Angelus 8th June 2014
Current: jlmurph2, Ka-Pi96 1000+ GS

 Wolfenstein: The New Order
1st: Welfare 29th May 2014
Current: LudicrousSpeed, Welfare 1000+ GS


Digital Platinums

 Child of Light
1st: Angelus 2nd May 2014
Current: Angelus, jlmurph2, Ka-Pi96, NobleTeam360, Ryuu96, shikamaru317, Slade6alpha, VisionarySine 1000+ GS

 Crimson Dragon
1st: shikamaru317 29th December 2013
Current: jlmurph2, Ryuu96 1000+ GS

1st: jlmurph2 23rd August 2013
Current: jlmurph2, NobleTeam360, Slade6alpha 1000+ GS

 Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition
1st: jlmurph2, Welfare 5th July 2014
Current: jlmurph2, Slade6alpha, Welfare 1000+ GS

 Halo: Spartan Assault
1st: Welfare 31st December 2013
Current: Welfare 1000+ GS

 Killer Instinct
1st: Angelus 12th June 2014
Current: Welfare 830 GS

 Max: The Curse of Brotherhood
1st: Ryuu96 23rd December 2013
Current: Angelus, jlmurph2, Ka-Pi96, NobleTeam360, Ryuu96, Slade6alpha, VisionarySine, Welfare 1000+ GS

1st: Ka-Pi96 9th May 2014
Current: jlmurph2, Ka-Pi96, NobleTeam360 1000+ GS

 Peggle 2
1st: jlmurph2 21st December 2013
Current: jlmurph2 1000+ GS

 Sixty Second Shooter Prime
1st: jlmurph2 19th June 2014
Current: jlmurph2, Welfare 1000+ GS

 Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut
1st: jlmurph2 31st May 2014
Current: jlmurph2 900 GS

 Super Time Force
1st: jlmurph2 18th May 2014
Current: jlmurph2, Welfare 1000+ GS

Watch Dogs
27th May - 23rd June 2014

VGC Gamertag GS Points
1 jlmurph2 Murph JL 1000 10
1 Ka-Pi96 Kapi96 1000 10
3 Angelus Arch Adonias 955 6
4 Welfare Welfare Queen I 910 4
5 Ryuu96 XiRyuuXi 505 3
6 NobleTeam360 GuiltySpartan11 75 2

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition
2nd July - 29th July 2014

VGC Gamertag GS Points
1 Welfare Welfare Queen I 1000 10
1 jlmurph2 Murph JL 1000 10
3 Angelus Arch Adonias 530 6
4 roland32 VehementAbyss 205 4
5 NobleTeam360 GuiltySpartan11 185 3
5 LudicrousSpeed Cpt RonCodpiece 185 3
7 shikamaru317 Dethfromabove17 55 1
8 Damo Honeycomb Maze 25 0

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