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Fable Legends is Indeed Free-to-Play – And it's Not a Bad Thing


By Keza MacDonald on 26 Feb 2015 at 12:00PM

To be honest, the first time I ever saw Fable – Lionhead's 4v1 multiplayer remix of Fable, due out later this year – I could have made a confident educated guess that it would be free to play. Its reliance on team play and selection of different, customisable heroes suggested a splash of LoL and DOTA might have found its way into the design document. The developer has now officially confirmed it, shortly after announcing that players on PC can join Xbox One owners in the same matches.

For fans already thrown by the idea of multiplayer-only Fable, this might not seem like the most reassuring news, but it certainly appears that Lionhead aspires to the Valve model of free-to-play as opposed to, say, the Candy Crush model – or, worse, the increasingly prevalent "paymium" model, where a developer asks for £45 up-front and then also tries to tempt you into micro-payments. This inspires confidence, at least in me.

The game itself, which was already promisingly fun when I played it last year, is a convincing action-orientated arena combat experience when you're playing as one of the team of four heroes and a reactive strategy game when you take on the role of the villain, placing enemies for them to slaughter (or succumb to).  With ten heroes now in place it's got a robust selection of playstyle options. The combat was never the best thing about Fable – not by a mile – but Legends' fighting spans a variety of third-person action styles: playing a ranged character, it feels like a Gears-style third-person shooter, whereas some of the sword-wielders have a touch of Devil May Cry flavour.

Here's how things will work: any PC or Xbox One player will be able to download the game for free. There will be a whole story's worth of quests at launch, with more to be released episodic-style every few months, and continuous updates. There will be no paywalls, no limited game time, no horrible "energy bars" or "gems" or whatever that take time to recharge. There will be 4 heroes available to play at any one time, and they will rotate every 2 weeks. Then, if you want to keep playing a character, you can either wait for them to come back into rotation (with all your XP and equipment intact), or pay to unlock them permanently. You can pay either with earned in-game money or real money, and you can also pay for cosmetic items; everything gameplay-related can only be earned through play. Same goes for villain players: different villain monsters will rotate every few weeks, and you can pay to unlock them permanently.

Creative director David Eckleberry clearly wants Fable Legends to lead the way for high-budget free-to-play games on consoles, in terms of value and fairness as well as, presumably, popularity. "The right version of F2P is a very good thing for the world. The wrong version is kind of an abomination, but if you’re very fair to your players and they can play as much as they want, then it seems right."

Statistically, usually 90 per cent of players of free-to-play games never spend so much as 50 pence on a new hat, which means that any successful game needs to have a pretty huge player base. "We need scale," says Lionhead's studio head John Needham. "PC gives us that scale element, but even with the core Xbox audience, we’ve got a lot to work with there."

"[We need] millions, probably," reckons Eckleberry. "But then, previous Fable games have hit those kinds of numbers. We’re taking on a lot of risk, I accept that and so does Microsoft, but there’s no risk for you, as a player."

Of course, the biggest problem for Lionhead and Fable Legends might not be the business model, but the challenges of making an online-reliant game that launches without enormous game-breaking problems on two platforms simultaneously (Xbox and PC). Making a multiplayer game at all is new ground for this studio, let alone one with 4-versus-1 gameplay that relies on servers. With disasters like Drive Club andHalo: Master Chief Collection fresh in the memory, how can Lionhead ensure thatFable Legends launches well?

"The honest answer is a really long beta," says Eckleberry. "There’s a lot of new stuff for us both in game design and technologically: cross-platform, Windows 10, all of the networking we have to do is mostly new to us. We run into game-crashing bugs frequently in our beta. But we want to find them NOW, so we have time to fix them... a bad launch week sticks with you forever. Nobody ever forgets – and they shouldn’t, I think fans are right not to forget it. They might forgive it… but I don’t blame fans for saying “dude, you screwed this up”. I don’t want to be in that place."

To that end, Fable Legends has no solid launch date beyond "2015", and is unlikely to get one until much nearer the end of the year. That way, Lionhead can gradually open up the (currently closed) beta to more and more people and launch when there's confidence that everything is working at scale. It's never going to be a 100 per cent sure thing, but the studio is giving itself ample time to ramp up Fable Legendsgradually.

Multiplayer-only Fable will always be a tough sell for some, but the game's fun, crucially, the fairytale Fable feel is definitely there, and the barrier to entry is low, so anyone can try it out (and then walk away with wallet intact if it doesn't appeal). Free-to-play actually seems less risky to me than asking people to pay £45 for a multiplayer-focused take on a series that's got such strong single-player memories attached to it. The beta is likely to expand its player population in the coming months. If you're curious, you can sign up here.

Microsoft Preparing to Unveil Rare’s Multiple Projects; Twisted Pixel Working on “Different” Original Game

by Chris Harding (19 minutes ago) 0 

Aaron Greenberg recently jumped the pond to merry little England to have a nosey around Microsoft’s UK-based developers, one of which was Rare who are working on something for the Xbox One.

When asked about what Rare are working on and if they’re developing more than one title, Greenberg confirmed that the UK-based developer is working on multiple games and that the firm are preparing to unveil them to the public.

It’s going through the process of preparing to unveil their next things, they have multiple projects in development and we feel really good about them.

There have also been a few rumours circulating that Rare and fellow Microsoft studio Twisted Pixel would be working together on a project, though it seems that rumor has been quashed by Aaron Greenberg who also spoke on the subject of what Twisted Pixel are working on.

Twisted Pixel is not working on a game with any other internal studios.

They have an exciting project they’re working on as well, very unexpected and very different and we’ll just wait to surprise people with what it is.

When asked if Twisted Pixel’s next game would be a AAA title Greenberg didn’t give a definitive answer but did comment on what he thinks of their new original game.

“I don’t know, I just think of a game as a game. They’ve made a lot of great games,” said Greenberg. “They’re doing something different, I wouldn’t classify by size, I just think it’s different and innovative.”

So there you have it. Rare are working solo and Twisted Pixel are working on something original and different. Maybe we’ll get to see something at this year’s E3, or perhaps a little sooner.

Rise of The Tomb Raider Gameplay Details

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Tyler Durden and Jack Returning in Fight Club 2   

An Unbiased Review                Breaking News!  Naughty Dog Third Party!          

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Tyler Durden and Jack Returning in Fight Club 2   

An Unbiased Review                Breaking News!  Naughty Dog Third Party!          


Tyler Durden and Jack Returning in Fight Club 2   

An Unbiased Review                Breaking News!  Naughty Dog Third Party!          



Tyler Durden and Jack Returning in Fight Club 2   

An Unbiased Review                Breaking News!  Naughty Dog Third Party!          

Gamerscore League 

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Thread Link Here

May's results.


Welcome to the Official VGChartz Microsoft gamerscore league.

Current standings

VGC Gamertag Total GS TA Races Platinums
1 jlmurph2 Murph JL 373 194 46 44 89
2 Welfare Welfare Queen I 302 162 52 24 64
3 NobleTeam360 SoDecimated 258 155 33 23 47
4 Angelus Arch Adonias 224 95 27 18 84
5 Ka-Pi96 Kapi96 216 135 29 25 27
6 Ryuu96 XiRyuuXi 150 84 14 5 47
7 Slade6alpha Slade6alpha 147 100 17 0 30
8 shikamaru317 Dethfromabove17 119 89 15 4 11
9 Brotherstotheend NOBLE CAMPER 106 89 17 0 0
10 LudicrousSpeed Cpt RonCodpiece 93 52 7 24 10
11 VisionarySine VisionarySine 91 60 4 16 11
12 Damo Honeycomb Maze 68 47 5 6 10
13 Libara Libara 66 55 5 6 0
14 MrAndyPuppy MrAndyPuppy 64 48 7 9 0
15 JayWood2010 El Jay2010 58 40 2 7 9
16 endimion Endimyon 37 34 3 0 0
16 Fusioncode Foxhound214 37 32 2 0 3
16 MoHasanie FrequentFlyer52 37 35 2 0 0
19 roland32 VehementAbyss 36 22 2 7 5
20 Iceland Elixir Error 29 25 4 0 0
21 outlawauron LeafyBug07 9 7 2 0 0


11th March - 7th April 2014

VGC Gamertag GS Points
1 Welfare Welfare Queen I 925 10
2 NobleTeam360 GuiltySpartan11 850 8
3 Angelus Arch Adonias 775 6
3 jlmurph2 Murph JL 775 6
5 LudicrousSpeed Cpt RonCodpiece 755 3
6 shikamaru317 Dethfromabove17 680 3
7 Ryuu96 XiRyuuXi 595 2
8 Ka-Pi96 Kapi96 405 1
9 Slade6alpha Slade6alpha 25 0


Trials Fusion
15th April - 12th May 2014

VGC Gamertag GS Points
1 jlmurph2 Murph JL 600 10
2 Ka-Pi96 Kapi96 475 8
3 Damo Honeycomb Maze 355 6
4 LudicrousSpeed Cpt RonCodpiece 100 4


Watch Dogs
27th May - 23rd June 2014

VGC Gamertag GS Points
1 jlmurph2 Murph JL 1000 10
1 Ka-Pi96 Kapi96 1000 10
3 Angelus Arch Adonias 955 6
4 Welfare Welfare Queen I 910 4
5 Ryuu96 XiRyuuXi 505 3
6 NobleTeam360 GuiltySpartan11 75 2

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition
2nd July - 29th July 2014

VGC Gamertag GS Points
1 Welfare Welfare Queen I 1000 10
1 jlmurph2 Murph JL 1000 10
3 Angelus Arch Adonias 530 6
4 roland32 VehementAbyss 205 4
5 NobleTeam360 GuiltySpartan11 185 3
5 LudicrousSpeed Cpt RonCodpiece 185 3
7 shikamaru317 Dethfromabove17 55 1
8 Damo Honeycomb Maze 25 0

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition
19th August - 15th September 2014

VGC Gamertag GS Points
1 LudicrousSpeed Cpt RonCodpiece 690 10
2 VisionarySine VisionarySine 665 8
3 Libara Libara 515 6
4 MrAndyPuppy MrAndyPuppy 355 4
5 roland32 VehementAbyss 250 3

Madden NFL 15
26th August - 22nd September 2014

VGC Gamertag GS Points
1 NobleTeam360 SoDecimated 660 10
2 jlmurph2 Murph JL 600 8
3 Ka-Pi96 Kapi96 65 6
4 LudicrousSpeed Cpt RonCodpiece 50 4

VGC Gamerscore league                                                          Bet with Miguel_Zorro 


Retail Platinums

  Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
1st: Angelus 10th February 2014
Current: Angelus 930 GS

 Battlefield 4
1st: Ryuu96 5th April 2014
Current: Angelus, jlmurph2 1000+ GS

 Call of Duty: Ghosts (Xbox 360)
1st: NobleTeam360 7th November 2013
Current: NobleTeam360 950 GS

 Call of Duty: Ghosts (Xbox One)
1st: VisionarySine 16th December 2013
Current: Welfare 1000+ GS

 Dead Rising 3
1st: Ryuu96 16th April 2014
Current: Angelus, roland32, Ryuu96 1000+ GS

1st: Angelus 20th September 2014
Current: Angelus, jlmurph2 810 GS

 FIFA 14
1st: Ka-Pi96 31st May 2014
Current: Ka-Pi96 780 GS

 Forza Motorsport 5
1st: Angelus 9th April 2014
Current: Angelus 1000+ GS

 Madden NFL 15
1st: NobleTeam360 26th September 2014
Current: NobleTeam360 845 GS

 Madden NFL 25
1st: NobleTeam360 21st August 2014
Current: NobleTeam360 775 GS

 Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes
1st: Welfare 30th June 2014
Current: Angelus 950 GS

 Minecraft: Xbox One Edition
1st: Welfare 5th September 2014
Current: Ryuu96, Welfare 1000+ GS

 Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare
1st: jlmurph2 9th March 2014
Current: jlmurph2, shikamaru317 1000+ GS

 Rayman Legends
1st: Slade6alpha 11th April 2014
Current: Slade6alpha 1000+ GS

 Ryse: Son of Rome
1st: Angelus 26th November 2014
Current: Angelus, Ryuu96 1000+ GS

 South Park: The Stick of Truth
1st: Damo 13th March 2014
Current: Damo, Slade6alpha 1000+ GS

1st: Welfare 17th March 2014
Current: LudicrousSpeed, NobleTeam360, Welfare 1000+ GS

1st: Angelus 27th June 2014
Current: Angelus 1000+ GS

 Tomb Raider - Definitive Edition
1st: Ryuu96 27th March 2014
Current: Angelus 890 GS

 Trials Fusion
1st: jlmurph2 23rd May 2014
Current: jlmurph2 1000+ GS

 Watch Dogs
1st: Angelus 8th June 2014
Current: jlmurph2, Ka-Pi96 1000+ GS

 Wolfenstein: The New Order
1st: Welfare 29th May 2014
Current: LudicrousSpeed, Ryuu96, Welfare 1000+ GS


Digital Platinums

 Child of Light
1st: Angelus 2nd May 2014
Current: Angelus, jlmurph2, Ka-Pi96, NobleTeam360, Ryuu96, shikamaru317, Slade6alpha, VisionarySine 1000+ GS

 Crimson Dragon
1st: shikamaru317 29th December 2013
Current: jlmurph2, Ryuu96 1000+ GS

1st: jlmurph2 23rd August 2013
Current: jlmurph2, NobleTeam360, Slade6alpha 1000+ GS

 Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition
1st: jlmurph2, Welfare 5th July 2014
Current: jlmurph2, Slade6alpha, Welfare 1000+ GS

 Halo: Spartan Assault
1st: Welfare 31st December 2013
Current: Welfare 1000+ GS

 Killer Instinct
1st: JayWood2010 11th January 2014
Current: JayWood2010 1000+ GS

 Max: The Curse of Brotherhood
1st: Ryuu96 23rd December 2013
Current: Angelus, JayWood2010, jlmurph2, Ka-Pi96, NobleTeam360, Ryuu96, Slade6alpha, VisionarySine, Welfare 1000+ GS

1st: Ka-Pi96 9th May 2014
Current: jlmurph2, Ka-Pi96, NobleTeam360, Slade6alpha 1000+ GS

 Peggle 2
1st: jlmurph2 21st December 2013
Current: jlmurph2 1000+ GS

 Sixty Second Shooter Prime
1st: jlmurph2 19th June 2014
Current: jlmurph2, Welfare 1000+ GS

1st: jlmurph2 21st April 2014
Current: jlmurph2, Welfare 1000+ GS

 Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut
1st: jlmurph2 31st May 2014
Current: jlmurph2 900 GS

 Super Time Force
1st: jlmurph2 18th May 2014
Current: Fusioncode, jlmurph2, Welfare 1000+ GS

Tyler Durden and Jack Returning in Fight Club 2   

An Unbiased Review                Breaking News!  Naughty Dog Third Party!          

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