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UK-based video game development studio Rare, the makers of Kinect Sports Rivals, will become an important part of Xbox's future.

Earlier this year, the studio was said to be evaluating its future project and prospects, following Redmond's decision to drop the Kinect sensor from the Xbox One and offer a console package at a reduced price.

With a number of high-profile devs leaving the studio after Microsoft's decision to change the development process at the studio, many were left wondering what its fate would be.

"I'm a Rare fan from the N64 days - that's kind of where my relationship with them was built. The range of genres that Rare exceeded at on N64 was crazy; you go from GoldenEye, to Conker and Banjo, Diddy Kong Racing... they were all over the place and they nailed a wide variety of genres."

"So I don't see them as a 'certain genre' studio: their strength has always been in their diversity," Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft's Xbox division told CVG.

Many players love Rare for its Banjo-Kazooie games and Diddy Kong Racing, classic titles that brought many people a lot of good times, considered by many even better than what Nintendo's first-party studios were able to make during the era.

"When they came to Xbox we did Grabbed by the Ghoullies and the Conker remake. They didn't have tremendous success but I think they were fun games."

"Then they started building out the Avatars - that was really their work - and then frankly Kinect, which they were innovating with before we'd even decided we were going to do something like that. They actually build this kind of wand thing on their own before the Wii came out," Spencer explained.

The head of Xbox continued by stating that he didn't want the Rare brand to be associated solely with Kinect, on account of the fact that the dev's last three games were motion-based, as the studio was much more valuable than that, and it was just pursuing some innovative titles and features.

"I think it's about them thinking about the next game that's going to be the next 'Rare game' and really stand for what they are. So they've got some new ideas, they're excited about them and I think Rare should, can and will be an important part of our game future," Spencer concluded.

It definitely seems that Rare could turn out to become for Microsoft what Naughty Dog has been for Sony, a strong, platform-exclusive developer able to create great games that draw audiences to the Xbox One and Xbox 360.

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China paving the way for big Xbox One sales

China has approved the sale of 5 million Xbox One units, opening the way for Microsoft to make a big splash in the country’s emerging console sector.

Microsoft’s Chinese partner BesTV revealed the figure in a Tuesday earnings statement. The Chinese version of the Xbox One goes on in China on Sept. 23, after the country ended a 13-year-old ban on the import of foreign game consoles.


Although China often censors gaming content to weed out excessive violence, the approval of 5 million Xbox One units signals that the country’s government is still giving ample room for actual device sales.

BesTV, a provider of Internet television services, is confident the Xbox One will rake in big profits over time. The industry is projecting that China’s console gaming market has the potential to sell over 50 million units over the next five years, the company said.

The Xbox One first launched in western markets last November, with total shipments reaching 5 million units in April.

Chinese gamers have been looking forward to launch of the local version. But last month Microsoft revealed that the Chinese version of the Xbox One will cost consumers 3,699 yuan (US$600), $200 more than the U.S. version.

Despite the price, some local gaming merchants and experts believe the Xbox One willstill attract customers. Microsoft and BesTV are bringing aboard local vendors and developers to create games and sell the system across the country.

Microsoft Publishing Rise of The Tomb Raider

Rise of the Tomb Raider Exclusive to Xbox

When Rise of the Tomb Raider arrives in holiday 2015, it's only coming to Xbox One. It's now an exclusive.

It would have been natural to assume Rise of the Tomb Raider, announced at E3, would be available on multiple platforms. Crystal DynamicsTomb Raider reboot was released on Xbox 360PlayStation 3, and PC. Not long ago, the studio also produced Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition for Xbox One andPlayStation 4. But something changed, and now it's only for Microsoft's console.

Tomb Raider was seen, at first, as a sales disappointment, though it ended up profitable. Is it possible Eidos was seeking a partner to better ensure the sequel's potential? Hard to say, and we may never know the true story. It's hard to imagine Rise of the Tomb Raider was never in development on PS4.

Crystal Dynamics released a blog discussing the news today, which I'll reprint in full:

"Dear Tomb Raider Community,

As you may have seen, we’ve just announced that Rise of the Tomb Raider, coming Holiday 2015, is exclusively on Xbox. We consider all of you to be the lifeblood of Tomb Raider and the work we do at Crystal. I’d like to give you some insight into this decision, and why we feel this is the very best thing for the Tomb Raider sequel we’re creating at the studio.

Tomb Raider in 2013 was a success due in large part to your continued support. Our goal has always been to deliver something truly special with Rise of the Tomb Raider. Today’s announcement with Microsoft is one step to help us put Tomb Raider on top of action adventure gaming. Our friends at Microsoft have always seen huge potential in Tomb Raider and have believed in our vision since our first unveil with them on their stage at E3 2011. We know they will get behind this game more than any support we have had from them in the past - we believe this will be a step to really forging the Tomb Raider brand as one of the biggest in gaming, with the help, belief and backing of a major partner like Microsoft.

This doesn’t mean that we’re walking away from our fans who only play on PlayStation or on PC. Those are great systems, with great partners, and amazing communities. We have Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris coming to those platforms this December, and Tomb Raider: The Definitive Edition is available on PS4.

We know that there are probably many more questions and concerns. Please do send them to us, and we’ll answer to the best of our ability. Meanwhile we’re going all out to try and make something truly special - the most ambitious Tomb Raider game ever built.


Darrell Gallagher

Crystal Dynamics Head of Studios"

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I will be linking ideas from the community that Microsoft will be reading.  Chances are the more popular something is the more credibility Microsoft will be giving it.  THat is where you come in.  Give ideas and vote on what you think is good ideas.  Let me know and ill link them here so all of us can vote on these ideas.

Games Votes
Reboot Banjo-Kazooie, Conker, and Viva Pinata 1435
Bring Shenmu 3 to Xbox One 747
Halo Wars 2 on Xbox One 726
Gears of War Collection 1051
Kotor 3 499
New Banjo-Kazooie 363
Bring back Conker: Live&Reloaded 160
Kameo Sequel 115
New Perfect Dark from Crytek/FreeRadical 39
Banjo Kazooie Kart Racing 19
Battletoads XBLA Reboot 29
Jet Force Gemini Reboot 15
Banjo -Kazooie 1&2 HD Remake 4
Conker TV Show/Movie 4
Where's The JRPG Such as Lost Odyssey 2 277
A New Alan Wake 21


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Make Xbox Feedback and Xbox App and to be Shared with XBL Friends 2
Xbox One Backwards Compatability 1279
Pre-Order/Pre-Download Digitally 1409
Official Gamerscore Leaderboards 520
Show the Number of Times a Game is Downloaded 2
Pre-Order Bonuses for Digital Games 1945
Discount on Digital Games 1721
Rewards for 1000g Gamerscore 1019
User Chosen Game With Gold 1154

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