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EA Access XBO Exclusive for $5 a Month or $30 a Year


Today, EA revealed EA Access, an Xbox One-exclusive subscription service that grants players access to EA's so-called Vault.

Subscribing to EA Access will cost $4.99 a month (or $29.99 a year), and since the program is technically in beta, only four games will initially be available: FIFA 14Madden NFL 25Peggle 2, and Battlefield 4, "with more titles being added soon."

Additionally, EA Access will also net subscribers 10 percent discounts on all EA digital content, which includes full games and DLC, as well as access to trials of new EA games nearly a week before they come out (with saves that copy over to the final game, should you choose to purchase it later). Games that will be eligible for early access and save copy-over are Madden NFL 15, NHL 15, FIFA 15, NBA Live 15, and Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Memberships can be purchased on Xbox Live, and will also be available at retail stores like GameStop and online destinations like Amazon. The subscription service will launch "soon," according to EA, and will be available in North America and Europe.

We'll have more on EA Access as soon as it launches.

TitanFall Becomes First Exclusive to Reach 2 Million Sold on XBO/PS4

1 Titanfall XOne 2014 Shooter Electronic Arts 1.38 0.52 0.00 0.11 2.01
2 Call of Duty: Ghosts XOne 2013 Shooter Activision 1.33 0.45 0.00 0.10 1.89
3 Forza Motorsport 5 XOne 2013 Racing Microsoft Game Studios 0.88 0.45 0.00 0.08 1.41
4 Battlefield 4 XOne 2013 Shooter Electronic Arts 0.93 0.39 0.00 0.08 1.39
5 Dead Rising 3 XOne 2013 Action Microsoft Game Studios 0.77 0.24 0.00 0.06 1.07
6 Watch Dogs XOne 2014 Action Ubisoft 0.64 0.32 0.00 0.06 1.02
7 FIFA Soccer 14 XOne 2013 Sports Electronic Arts 0.32 0.61 0.00 0.05 0.98
8 Ryse XOne 2013 Action Microsoft Game Studios 0.62 0.26 0.00 0.05 0.92
9 Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag XOne 2013 Action Ubisoft 0.55 0.24 0.00 0.05 0.83
10 NBA 2K14 XOne 2013 Sports Take-Two Interactive 0.53 0.06 0.00 0.03 0.63

Halo 2 Anniversary Cinematic Trailer

Halo Nightfall Trailer

Xbox One Has Many Unnannounced Games Coming from Japanese Devs


Microsoft is putting a lot of effort in order to sway the Xbox-resistant market of Japan in favor of its next-gen console, the Xbox One, and the company now boasts yet more unannounced games are coming to its platform.

The Redmond-based company is organizing hands-on events and promising new games at launch, in addition to the already solid line-up, some of which are especially tailored to the Japanese gamer preferences.

Platinum's Scalebound is one of the high profile Xbox One exclusives coming to the Land of the Rising Sun, but Microsoft has also announced a ton of smaller games coming to Japan this year.

ID@Xbox, the self-publishing program for indie developers, has already secured the presence of Keiji Inafune's Mega Man successor, the crowdfunded Mighty No. 9, and the initiative's director Chris Charla has confirmed that more games are on the way, but has said that he can't disclose anything yet, as it's up to the creators to do that when they're ready.

The appeal of ID@Xbox is not limited to Japan by any means, and Charla adds that the amazing games that indie devs have created and will continue to create are not limited by geography.

"If I showed you a map with all the locations we've had applications from, it's almost every country on Earth. Where great games are getting made is around the world. Japan, the US, China, Belgium - there are amazing developers all over the world. It's pretty cool to see all those games on the way for ID@Xbox," Charla told TotalXbox.

KI Evo Top 16

KI Evo Top 8

Killer Instinct Final 8 Live

Evo 2014 Live

Maya Revealed in Killer Instinct

"Super Creator" to Work on Next Xbox Hardware

Microsoft just launched the Xbox One a few months ago, but the company is already looking at the future, as revealed by a new career opportunity ad posted by Redmond’s company, seeking an Industrial Designer.

The Xbox Industrial Design studio is building a world class in house team. We love entertainment. We live for building transformative entertainment experiences that resonate with consumers. We are looking for passionate designers who want to help us create next generation entertainment hardware for Microsoft.

Primary Responsibilities

This is a design position within the Xbox industrial design studio. You will be joining a team that drives vision and product development for Xbox hardware programs. The right candidate will be a “hands on” individual contributor that will bring thought leadership, inspirational creative output, and passion to the Xbox entertainment space. In essence, this position requires nothing less than a “super creator”.

As an industrial designer you will collaborate with design team and bring inventive ideas which will have large impact across the Xbox Entertainment Business.

We expect a spontaneous and innovative creative process that takes advantage of consumer insight harvesting, inspiration way-finding, 3d sketching, prototyping, thoughtful consideration of business needs, and understanding of technical considerations. Above all the candidate should have a portfolio that demonstrates the ability to design soulful product experiences that delight consumers.

The ad also lists “intrinsic passion for seamless hardware/software experiences” and “proven track record delivering award winning design” as requirements.

We shouldn’t really be surprised about Microsoft already starting to plan for the next generation. Hardware designers are never really idle, and at least preliminary research normally starts as soon as the previous generation of hardware is shipped; often ever earlier than that. You can pretty much bet your monthly wage that Sony and Nintendo are doing the same as I’m writing.

And before someone reaches that conclusion, this doesn’t in any way mean that Microsoft is planning to replace the Xbox One any time soon.

In addition to that, a second ad, seeking a Senior Software Development Engineer, clearly identifies the aim to improve the current game development tools used by first and third parties to create their titles on Xbox platforms.

The Xbox Platform Developer Experience team is hiring! We own the core development tools for the Xbox console platform, and we serve as a driving advocate for the end-to-end developer customer experience across the program. We are looking for an exceptional SDE to help us take game development tools to the next level.

Game developers, from AAA studios to Indie shops, have unique and exacting needs. Just think about the factors involved: Game titles are only growing in cost and complexity with each new generation. These days the projects will involve scores of engineers and hundreds of artists. They have budgets and production values that rival Hollywood blockbusters. They have 10’s of gigabytes of content, code tuned to get the utmost from our platform, and holiday release dates that won’t move.

The Xbox ecosystem only thrives if these partners succeed. Our goal is to help them make better games, faster.

Of course, career opportunities are just the tip of the iceberg, and they don’t equate to official announcements, so we might want to wait for clearer signals to start talking too loudly about the Xbox Two. As a matter of fact in this case “next generation” might even mean a future redesign of the Xbox One.

Yet, this is a clear indication that Microsoft’s Xbox division is looking towards the future and getting ready for what will come next.




Project Spark Officially Launches in October

Project Spark now has a release date: while the game is currently in open beta on Xbox One and Windows 8.1, aspiring game developers can get their hands on the final version of Project Spark beginning on October 7.

At that time, we’ll also be making an Xbox One disc edition of Project Spark available at retail for $39.99 USD. The “Project Spark Starter Pack” is loaded with great content, including starter packs filled with sounds, effects, animations, and props, plus advanced creator features, offline content, and experience boosts which allow players to unlock new content that much faster.

For those of you who prefer digital download, all the content included in the disc version will be available digitally for Xbox One and Windows 8.1 on launch day.

Of course, everyone will be able to experience the creations of the over 1 million beta creators who have left their mark on the world of Project Spark, and earn Achievements while they do so. In the meantime, the beta is still ongoing, Xbox One owners can download it here, Windows 8.1 users click here.


The retail package will deliver an incredible collection of premium content for $39.99, including the first sci-fi pack “Galaxies: First Contact,” the warrior champion Sir Haakon “Hawk” the Knight, “Champions Quest: Void Storm,” the first episode of an epic campaign adventure, and more. The “Project Spark Starter Pack” will provide immediate access to some of the best paid content, features and add-ons in a single package. All of the content included in the disc version will also be available digitally for Xbox One and Windows 8.1 on launch day.

Gearbox announces Battleborn

Halo at RTX

Cole Train Returning in the New Gears

": have you gotten a call about a new gears? You have to reprise your role! " "Yup!"

Rate the Game Trailer from E3 Results

Title Score
Call of Duty Advanced Warfare  7.0
Forza Horizon 2  7.4
Evolve  7.1
Assassin's Creed Unity  
Dragon Age Inquisition  
Dance Central  
Sunset Overdrive  7.6
Fable Legends  7.4
Super Ultra Dead Rising 3  
Project Spark/Conker  5.3
Ori and The Blind Forest  8.6
Halo Masterchief Collection  8.9
Rise of The Tomb Raider  
Phantom Dust  8.5
Scalebound  7.7
Crackdown 3  
Bloodborne  8.5
LittleBigPlanet 3  7.5
Dead Island 2  
Abzu  6.0
Magicka 2  5.7
Let it Die  
Grim Fandango  
Grand Theft Auto V  
Uncharted 4  7.1
Far Cry 4  8.8
No Man's Sky  8.5
The Order  5.0
The Last of Us PS4  
Metal Gear Solid 5  7.0
Destiny  7.1
Batman: Arkham Knight  
Mario Party 10  6.4
Kirby and The Rainbow Curse  5.5
Yoshi's Wooly World 7.0 
Captain Toad  5.9
Zelda  8.6
Pokemon Ruby/Saphire  6.9
Bayonetta 2  6.9
Xenoblade Chronicles  6.8
Mario Maker  
Splatoon  7.1
Star Fox U  

Top 10 Scored Trailers

1. Halo Masterchief Collection - 8.9

2. Far Cry 4 - 8.8

3. Ori and the Blind Forest & Zelda U - 8.6

4. Phantom Dust, Bloodborne, and No Man's Sky - 8.5

6. Scalebound - 7.7

7.  Sunset Overdrive - 7.6

8. LittleBigPlanet 3 - 7.5

9. Forza Horizon 2 & Fable Legends - 7.4

10.  Splatoon, Destiny, Uncharted 4, and Evolve

Sunset Overdrive Multiplayer Footage

Neverwinter coming to Xbox One later this year
Neverwinter Xbox One

Perfect World Co., Ltd. today confirmed to the biggest Chinese console forum A9VG that Cryptic's fantasy MMORPG Neverwinter will come to Xbox One later this year. According to A9VG, the game's Xbox One version will also be available in Chinese market. The game is already in a playable status as A9VG is inviting a small group of Chinese gamers to join an internal test event during July 12 - 27.
While release date for Neverwinter Xbox One remains unknown, industry insider implies that the game will be one of the launch titles of Chinese Xbox One in September. In June, Perfect World's CEO Xiao Hong told that at least 2 Xbox One titles were being developed by their Chinese and oversea studios. You can expect to learn more at ChinaJoy 2014 in early August.

Xbox One China 
Early this year Chinese company BesTV announced to partner with Microsoft to distribute localized Xbox One in China. The new console will be available in China in September.

Family Sharing Still on The Roadmap

When the Xbox One was first introduced, the Family Sharing feature was one of the very positive ideas that many regret not having made it to the released console, but Xbox Division head Phil Spencer promises that it’s still on the roadmap, alongside others like digital pre-load.

Spencer also explained that while the features are still being worked on, there are objective challenges that need to be overcome before they can see the light.

During the same podcast it was suggested that it could be done only with digital games, but Spencer mentioned that it wouldn’t be fair to those that bought the disk without knowing they wouldn’t benefit from the feature in the future. That’s why he want to be sure that the feature is done the right way. He also added that Microsoft is still looking at digital distribution improvements like pre-load. They just want to do it “at the right time and especially in the right way.”

If Family Sharing was one of your favorite dishes in the original Xbox One menu, there’s still hope. We’ll just have to wait and see if Spencer and his team will manage to overcome the DRM challenges that are holding the feature back.

Interview on Phantom Dust


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Crackdown 3 Uses Cloud Computing

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer talked up a big game at an E3 2014 interview with Engadget a couple of days ago where he revealed that the upcoming title from Dave Jones,Crackdown, is set to use elements of cloud computing courtesy of the Xbox One.

Much like how Titanfall on the Xbox One uses cloud computing to compute the decisions made by its AI non-player characters and dedicated servers, Crackdown is set to use the system to compute explosions. 

“With Crackdown we’re actually using the destruction calculations in the cloud,” he said. “And then locally what you see is that you actually see the rendering of where the different particles where things are landing on the ground… we kind of ended our video with this huge massive explosion.” 

Spencer also had a few things to say about challenging Sony’s Project Morpheus. He said that Microsoft doesn’t see VR as a mainstream consumer space—the way Sony might—and that they’re waiting to see how things evolve within the space before they decide to do anything about it. 

So if you were hoping for Microsoft to trot out its own version of a VR headset, it’ll definitely be awhile yet. 

Gamestop: $399 Xbox One Flying Off Shelves

GameStop executive Bob Puzon says the new $399 model is a "huge win and a huge opportunity."



The $399 Xbox One went on sale yesterday at retailers worldwide, and GameStop is already seeing a boost in business as a result, according to senior vice president of merchandising Bob Puzon.

"They went on sale in GameStop yesterday; these things started to fly off the shelves," Puzon told GameSpot at E3 today in Los Angeles. "It's a huge win and a huge opportunity for us."

Though the $399 Xbox One may be the hot new item, Puzon pointed out that the $499 standard Xbox One is still "very vibrant" for GameStop.

The $399 Xbox One does not come with Kinect, but Microsoft will begin selling standalone cameras for the console later this year. Puzon said, "that'll be interesting to see how many of those folks come back and buy the Kinect."

Microsoft sold 3 million consoles in the two months following the system's release at the end of 2013. However, the company has not announced a new sales update so far in 2014, only saying the system has shipped, not sold, 5 million units to date.

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Perfect World preps a trio of games for the Xbox One launch in its homeland: China (interview) - Xbox One stuff starts more than half way down

Perfect World preps a trio of games for the Xbox One launch in its homeland: China (interview)

Above: Robert Xiao, CEO of Perfect World.

After a decades-old ban, Microsoft and BesTV plan to launch the Xbox One video game console in China this September, adding a possible 500 million potential customers for the console industry. To take advantage of that opportunity, Chinese game publisher Perfect Worldhas at least three games in the works for the console’s launch.

That aggressive development schedule is part of the plan by Robert Xiao, the chief executive of Perfect World, to become a global game publisher. Perfect World has more than 4,700 employees, including more than 2,000 in research and development, making it larger than Zynga. But the company isn’t well known in the West or outside of China. The 15-year-old publicly traded publisher has made a lot of money with online games in China, but it is barely scratching the surface in the U.S. market.

To change that, Xiao is launching the console games, and his company has invested in 20 game companies, including acquiring Cryptic Studios, maker of Star Trek Online, in the U.S. Among Perfect World’s games are the Dungeons & Dragons MMO Neverwinter, Torchlight II, and Blacklight Retribution. Xiao plans to expand that, and his ambitions are the reason why we’ve chosen Total World Domination as the theme of our GamesBeat 2014 on Sept. 15-16.

Here’s an edited transcript of our interview.

Perfect World Elemental Kingdoms mobile game

Above: Perfect World Elemental Kingdoms mobile game

Image Credit: Perfect World

GamesBeat: In October, you were talking with me about going into mobile games. Can you bring me up to date on what’s happened since then?

Robert Xiao: Back then, we had only three or four games launched in China, including one hit game, Return of the Condor Heroes. That game has performed very well, and not only in China. We launched it in Taiwan and Korea. Both are doing very well. The game has been going steady up until now. It’s on the hardcore side for mobile. We expect that it’ll have a longer life cycle than most casual games.

Aside from that, we have 10 to 20 different games in our development pipeline to be released in the next 12 months. The mobile strategy is, we’re starting with more hardcore games. We’re moving fast on that. We’re seeing people spending more time playing hardcore games on mobile, at least in China. We believe we’re capturing that slice of the pie.

GamesBeat: You’re one of the potential keynote speakers at ChinaJoy, the big game tradeshow in Shanghai. I wonder what larger topics you’d like to address in front of an audience like that. Could you describe what that event is like for a Westerner, someone who isn’t familiar with it?

Xiao: I don’t know if I want to say anything too serious, but China Joy, on first impression—It’s a very crowded, noisy, Mardi Gras type of event. There are game companies and game journalists and game consumers from every corner of the world come to celebrate the culture of gaming. This year, I’m not sure, but it seems like it’s getting hotter and hotter, especially with the topics of both mobile and console coming up. Microsoft and Sony are both setting up stages at China Joy. They’re putting big dollars into promoting their platforms.

From my side, I don’t know what I would talk about yet, but eventually I’ll share some of my views from traveling around the world, talking to different people, and looking at different markets. I want to offer a global perspective. Being a purely Chinese developer and publisher is the past for us.

I just came back from Russia. I stayed for only two days, but I met a lot of people and talked about games in Russia as well. It was very interesting. It’s a growing market. Global players like us have a chance in emerging markets like that.


Above: ChinaJoy, the game tradeshow in Shanghai.

Image Credit: MMOSite

GamesBeat: What is the larger state of the mobile game industry in China? I was talking to an executive who is going to ChinaJoy. They were saying they’ll have a whole mobile pavilion there, a hall dedicated to mobile games.

Xiao: Mobile is definitely becoming very big. It’s explosive. People are coming from all directions toward mobile platforms. For us, it’s simple. We’ll use our abilities for building hardcore RPG-type games to start, but we’re not going to stop with replicating the games we’ve done on PC. We’re exploring different areas, more casual games. At the same time, we’re looking for new kinds of gameplay on mobile.

Other than the product side, we’re building our capabilities in distribution. We’re setting up our own channel in China. We have enough consumers on our platform that we can analyze, based on their data, to understand the consumer better and try to build mobile products according to their needs.

GamesBeat: Can you describe your emphasis in more detail? Is it iOS or Android? Is it all free-to-play? Are you aiming for longer game sessions? Is the cultural content primarily focused on China?

Xiao: Our most recent hit, Dawn of the Immortals, is based on the same IP as our PC game Battle of the Immortals. It’s a more western type of RPG. It’s true 3D. It’s probably the best-looking 3D game on mobile now. It’s very hardcore. The initial response from consumers has been good. It’s been released for a week and a half now in China, and it’s done well.

In terms of type, we’re not limiting ourselves to only Chinese types of games. In China, we do try to utilize a lot of specifically Chinese fantasy and historical-driven games, but at the same time we’re exploring different kinds of graphical expression, especially using more western types of characters. We’re trying to create a more global sense around our products. We’re aiming to create products that aren’t only limited to China. We want to export them to every corner of the world.

RPGs are very important. That’s our focus point for now. But eventually, as I said, we don’t want to limit ourselves to RPG. We’re also limiting ourselves to the typical free-to-play model. We invested recently in some smaller studios that are producing single-player games for mobile. They’ve been doing well as far as producing smaller-scale, shorter-cycle games on a pay-per-download model. We’re exploring every corner as far as the production side of mobile.

Microsoft's setup for its E3 2014 press briefing.

Above: Microsoft’s setup for its E3 2014 press briefing.

Image Credit: Dean Takahashi/GamesBeat

GamesBeat: Can you describe Perfect world for a Western audience in more general terms? I think you had 4,500 people last time we talked. Where are you now?

Xiao: We’re about the same, maybe 4,700 or so. I can’t release exactly how many are dedicated to mobile. But we have more than 2,000 people dedicated to R&D, to product development in general. An increasing number of those people are working on mobile.

We structure ourselves into studios. We don’t have studios specifically dedicated to mobile games, though. We have studios working on titles. Many of them are using a given IP to create PC games and mobile games at the same time.

China's Perfect World is an online game similar to World of Warcraft

Above: China’s Perfect World is an online game similar to World of Warcraft.

GamesBeat: If you think of Western developers, I wonder how large you are compared to some others.

Xiao: We’re definitely smaller than they are. We’re smaller than EA. Those 2,000 development personnel include six or seven internal development studios, as well as more than 20 studios we’ve made investments in. A studio focuses on titles — for example, one might be working on Battle of the Immortals. Their first product was for the PC. The same group of people, though, may then work on similar games, using the same IP, for mobile. Or they’ll choose to develop something browser-based, or they might want to do a set-top box game.

That makes hard for us to identify exactly how many people might be dedicated to mobile games. But I’d say 80 percent of my studios are developing cross-platform games. They have some PC games in their portfolio, but they have been or are developing mobile games as well.

GamesBeat: What would you say are Perfect World’s larger ambitions as far as the global gaming market?

Xiao: Number one, we want to reach out and acquire as many gamers on our platform as possible. We want to get them playing our games. Number two, we want to see that our games have more alternative ways of entertaining people. From a content perspective, we want to have more kinds of characters and culturally oriented content. We don’t want to focus on Chinese culture. We want to draw elements from cultures all around the world.

We want to learn more about our consumers and understand their behavior. Obviously we have a considerable database in China. We have some data about the U.S. We understand Taiwan and Korea a bit. Across all these markets, consumer behavior is completely different. Even with one product, we want to customize it for different areas, so we can find deeper penetration and offer the best product to consumers no matter where we go. We want to get more people playing our games.

Perfect World

Above: Perfect World

Image Credit: Perfect World

GamesBeat: I remember getting interesting statistics from some game analysts. One was saying that there were about 30 companies in Asia with a billion dollars in cash and a history of game companies. In the last couple of years, nine of the top 10 acquisitions on a worldwide basis in the game industry have been by Asian companies. It seems like Perfect World has some ambitions that follow those trends.

Xiao: You’re right. We’re using our cash to invest in studios around the world — not only in Asia. We have a PWIN project. It’s been investing in 20-some studios around the world, and the program is still rolling. Our focus now is very simple. We’re looking at mobile studios or console studios. We believe that not only mobile, but also console will be the next wave as far as bigger new markets in China.

GamesBeat: The Xbox One and possibly the PlayStation 4 are going to be launching in China. That’s a big opportunity for you?

Xiao: Yes, exactly.

GamesBeat: How much of an expectation can you have for that right now? Does that seem to be on a concrete schedule at this point?

Xiao: The console side of the story is different from either PC or mobile. Console is more reliant on hardware as the driver, especially at the beginning of the market. PC is vastly available. Everyone has a PC. Mobile, we’re growing to point where almost everyone has some kind of mobile device. Console will take some time. I don’t know exact dates, but it seems like the Xbox One is on schedule for this fall. The hardware will take its time to become popular among gamers, as early movers start to build games for Chinese audiences, but we believe that in the next year or two, it’ll move into a pretty explosive growth phase.

We acquired a Chinese online portal dedicated to console and TV-based gaming. There are tens of millions of users there who are somehow interested in console gaming experiences, or who already have consoles in China. Starting from there, I believe the audience can grow by several times.

GamesBeat: At this point, do you already have a lot of console titles in the works? Or are you still in a conception stage?

Xiao: We have some studios working on projects already, building specifically for Xbox One. Not only Chinese studios, but also studios we’ve acquired in the west. We have at least three studios working on console at this time. By the time Xbox One launches in China, we hope to be among the titles initially offered on the platform. We’ve been working for a while. We didn’t ask all of our studios to start developing console-based games, but we have two or three working already. After the launch, once we see the initial reaction, then we’ll decide on fuller investment in the consoles.

Perfect World's Arena of Heroes mobile game

Above: Perfect World’s Arena of Heroes mobile game

Image Credit: Perfect World

GamesBeat: The Chinese domestic market, I think, is on schedule to become the largest market in the world very soon. Maybe not this year, but maybe next year. I wonder how you think that’s going to change the global game market.

Xiao: It’ll be an interesting trend. More Chinese developers and publishers are moving to the world stage. More Chinese types of games — not just stories and characters, but business models as well — can be influential. Chinese gamers have completely different behavior compared to U.S. players. But as the Chinese market gets bigger and stronger, more Chinese types of games will be introduced to the world. Different player behaviors will gradually fuse together, I think. There won’t be such a clear line of separation around different parts of the world.

That’s the bigger trend. China will make different kinds of games available to the world, with different kinds of fun. People will have more choices in their entertainment.

GamesBeat: I was wondering how you view the different mobile messaging networks — things like WeChat — and whether that might be the right way to move into mobile game platforms. Are those slowing down, or are they maybe not the right way to do mobile games?

Xiao: That’s an effective way of spreading out, of distribution. But different mobile networks represent different kinds of users. Using social networks to distribute games, most of the games you see there are more casual. It’s an important channel, but eventually social networks run up against their limitations. Social networks are still spreading quickly. They haven’t saturated yet. But they’re for different types of mobile games.

We’re talking about mobile games in general, not just one type. User bases are growing at a rate to where there are many different types playing games on the mobile platform, and different distribution channels will have advantages for different types of mobile games. For one of our recent releases, the game is a 300MB download. It’s huge. The way we’ll distribute this game is different from the distribution of a five-megabyte casual game.

We’re starting from more hardcore RPG types of games with bigger download sizes. Then we’ll move into a wider spread of different types of games. So far we haven’t been using social networks as a channel for our games.

Perfect World

Above: Perfect World

Image Credit: Perfect World

GamesBeat: Do you expect much near-term impact from cloud gaming?

Xiao: That’s very hard to say. The significance of cloud gaming relies on bigger games, the kind you don’t want to have to download. In my mind, I’m seeing bigger console games, TV-focused games, where you don’t want to bother downloading it. You just want to switch it on and play. For smaller games, why use the cloud? So far, I don’t see so many realistic applications for it at this point in time.

We might be seeing some things coming up on the technology side in the next six to 12 months. We’re looking at that. But so far, our strategy is to wait and see.

GamesBeat: The core online game business, I think you had a bit of margin slipping in the last quarter. Is anything happening there that’s worth noting, or do you think you still have a strong core online game business?

Xiao: On the PC side, right? Overall, the proportion there is declining slightly. We see that as normal. We haven’t had any major new titles launching in the past six months. On the PC side, our growth is driven by new games. Whenever you have new titles, new content, different kinds of gameplay, better graphics, you see big growth. This year, the bigger part of our growth is coming from the mobile side. The PC is slightly declining, or coming up to stabilize a bit in the next quarter. PC growth will be coming from our next big titles.



Microsoft has promised it is continuing to support Rare following its decision to stop bundling Kinect with Xbox One.

Microsoft Studios Europe chief Phil Harrison told Eurogamer that despite the recent round of layoffs to hit the former Banjo-Kazooie developer, Microsoft has no plans to abandon the studio.

"I'm very happy to go on record to alleviate any of those concerns you might have," he said. "We are very fortunate in having Rare and Lionhead in the UK as crown jewels of Microsoft Studios.

"Rare is working on a couple of things at the moment, which we will announce at the right time. But I'm really excited by the things they're doing and I believe you will be as well when you hear about them.

"Rare is an incredible talent and they have some very very ambitious plans for the future and we're supporting them in every way we can."

Last we heard, Rare was apparently re-evaluating what projects to pursue following the decision to stop bundling Kinect with new Xbox One consoles, seeing as most of the studio's recent work was linked to the Kinect Sports franchise.

For now though, it seems if you're looking for your Rare fix you'll have to make do with Conker's upcoming appearance in Project Spark.

Phil Spencer:  Scalebound is alrready Playable, Still Interested in JRPGs

Japanese video game developer Platinum Games' Scalebound was one of the Xbox One's most exciting reveals during this year's edition of the E3 gaming trade show.

Fans of the Xbox have long been clamoring for more love for Japanese games, and it appears that Xbox head Phil Spencer is making a lot of right moves in his efforts to catch up to Sony's PlayStation 4.

The latest such initiative is getting Hideki Kamiya's Scalebound as an Xbox One exclusive, a fantasy game that mainly deals in hunting down huge monsters.

The E3 2014 trailer showed a scene with some gargantuan beasts chasing down a carefree hunter wearing headphones through the forest, culminating with a pretty noisy fight, some rad armor, some fire-breathing dragon action and a sneak peek at Magic: The Gathering's Progenitus. It could have been any other giant hydra though.

Phil Spencer took to Twitter to reveal more about the upcoming game, teasing fans that the game was already playable.

"Don't have the next PR event set, working on the game, we are playing the game but I'm not sure when we'll show playable or talk story," Spencer said.

He also expressed his excitement of working with Platinum Games and having added their creation to the Xbox One's portfolio.

"Getting to work with @platinumgames, for me, will be a highlight of XBOX One," Spencer tweeted.

He also revealed that the games that will be shown for the Xbox One at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show would "almost certainly" also become available in the west, stating that he was still interested in bringing Japanese role-playing games to the Xbox platforms, even though they hadn't been too successful on the Xbox 360.

He even admitted that part of the blame could lie with Microsoft not pushing them hard enough, which he probably intends to change in the near future.

He also mentioned that the Xbox team was already preparing for Gamescom, putting together the plan for the convention, but that the details weren't set in stone yet.

Although it would be nice to see the first gameplay demo of Scalebound revealed at Gamescom in August, it's more likely that a playable version of the game will be featured at the Tokyo Game Show in September.

Platinum Games' resume includes the 2009 surprise hit Bayonetta and the Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance hack-and-slash video game. They are also currently working on Bayonetta 2, a Nintendo Wii U exclusive game that is expected to launch worldwide in October this year.

Joseph Staten  Writing and Narrative Design for Sunset Overdrive, Scalebound, and Crackdown

Joeseph Staten (The Lead Writer for all Halos except Halo 3 (Partly made it with somebody else, lead cinematics for Halo games and writer of some Halo books, one of the biggest Halo people back in the day ;P)

Senior Creative Director
Public Company; 10,001+ employees; MSFT; Computer Software industry
January 2014 – Present (6 months)

IP development, writing and narrative design for XBOX first-party games including Sunset Overdrive, Scalebound and Crackdown.

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I will be linking ideas from the community that Microsoft will be reading.  Chances are the more popular something is the more credibility Microsoft will be giving it.  THat is where you come in.  Give ideas and vote on what you think is good ideas.  Let me know and ill link them here so all of us can vote on these ideas.

Games Votes
Reboot Banjo-Kazooie, Conker, and Viva Pinata 1435
Bring Shenmu 3 to Xbox One 747
Halo Wars 2 on Xbox One 726
Gears of War Collection 1051
Kotor 3 499
New Banjo-Kazooie 363
Bring back Conker: Live&Reloaded 160
Kameo Sequel 115
New Perfect Dark from Crytek/FreeRadical 39
Banjo Kazooie Kart Racing 19
Battletoads XBLA Reboot 29
Jet Force Gemini Reboot 15
Banjo -Kazooie 1&2 HD Remake 4
Conker TV Show/Movie 4
Where's The JRPG Such as Lost Odyssey 2 277
A New Alan Wake 21


Features Votes
Make Xbox Feedback and Xbox App and to be Shared with XBL Friends 2
Xbox One Backwards Compatability 1279
Pre-Order/Pre-Download Digitally 1409
Official Gamerscore Leaderboards 520
Show the Number of Times a Game is Downloaded 2
Pre-Order Bonuses for Digital Games 1945
Discount on Digital Games 1721
Rewards for 1000g Gamerscore 1019
User Chosen Game With Gold 1154

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May's results.


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