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Do you feel Nintendo are clueless about today of gaming?


UPDATED!!!! Smash Bros. Melee is back on the air!!!!

"The news is especially harsh since fans raised nearly $95,000 in donations to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation earlier this year to allow Smash to be included in the tournament. Nintendo’s streaming block follows its decision to enforce copyright on YouTube videos in May."

- IGN, quote by Andrew Goldfarb,

Appearently, Nintendo contact EVO staffs and inform them that there not allow to stream their product. Melee, a ten year old game, not alloud to be stream for EVO/Nintendo fan to enjoy worldwide.

*FACEPALM!!!* ....If this is how Nintendo going to be, why even bother buying the new Smash Bros. if Nintendo going to be this restricted with there content. Don't they know how big the EVO is, Nintendo......your not making it f**king easy to support your software. What happen to you Nintendo.
(No offense to Sakurai, still a fan of your content)

If there any updates on this news, please let me know!!

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I thought they went back and allowed youtube videos, and now this? What is going on?

 Bananaking was right, I was wrong. Like he always is. About the 3DS not selling at least 19.999 million in 2013...

I like nintendo and their games.. But god, their policies are so freaking retarded...

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Why not? Players learn A LOT by watching the tournaments!

....The hell? The Smash competitive community is likely one of the biggest competitive ones out there.

 Nintendopie  Was obviously right and I was obviously wrong. I will forever be a lesser being than them. (6/16/13)

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And the weird part is that their using Melee not Brawl.

Wait, why won't nin let them. This seems a bit ridiculous.


Otakumegane said:
....The hell? The Smash competitive community is likely one of the biggest competitive ones out there.

real, I saw a tournament once lol it was like 12 guys in a church basement lol and it was the biggest tournament at the time they had maybe 2k viewers that's when i learn meta knight is op

That's weird. I mean they allowed a live stream of all their big competitive games including Melee, Brawl, and Pokemon at Apex 2013 just a few months ago. This might be some way of taking away the spotlight of the older entries to save some for Smash 4 now that it is announced.

Sakurai might not be the biggest fan of the competitive side of Smash Bros. but Nintendo has never tried something like this, to my knowledge, all the other times Smash was at big tournaments. Either way this is a stupid decision.

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Nintendo is known to be competitive, if there having these policies with a ten year game like Melee, I wonder if the let's play revenue is lift from youtube or the future for Mario Kart 8 or SSB4. The way Nintendo been acting for the few weeks, I'm just about ready to pack up my Wii U and put it in the cloest for a while.