Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Since Xbox one changed policies, can we all say something nice to each other.

Even though I'm not sure how they are going to combat piracy and the used game market. I was going to buy one anyway.  I hope people after this people will start supporting New games more and there favorite studio's.

The whole point of this thread is to kiss and make up. I didn't really care either way but many of you did and I can agree with that. I was trying to show why I didn't care much and why I think the industry is going to need this at some point.

So everyone say something nice to someone in this thread. It's time for VGchartz to heal the mind. LOL

If you would like to post some music that makes you happy and you think it would make others happy, please do so.

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Whoops it double posted. Thats ok we can listen to the song twice. Mods if this is a problem please let me know, I will change it.

love this song and listen to it in the morning, puts me in a good mood.

You are all handsom / beautiful.

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BenVTrigger said:
You are all handsom / beautiful.

Damn I didn't think it was going to get this hot already. Your damn sexy your self. LOL

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Yes... I will now buy the Xbone. Good job MS... I'm still watching you though -_-

antfromtashkent said:
Yes... I will now buy the Xbone. Good job MS... I'm still watching you though -_-

Watch me.

It was never personal, just business.

Get your politics out of video games! Your politics suck like your game. WTF happened to just having fun!? Leave the propaganda home.

The internet will still be full of people screaming xbox go home

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You all rock, even the xbone supports now! Ya that's right!