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I'm wondering what the production cost is of the consoles.

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DamnTastic said:
I'm wondering what the production cost is of the consoles.

Id be more interested in this too...

RolStoppable said:
kowenicki said:
allenmaher said:

If this has been done before, do you have a link, because I am curious?

last gen

it was utterly idiotic.

It wasn't idiotic. People only went as far as including the cost of a house, because someone who is homeless obviously cannot play his own home console.

Lol, that's sad! New Xbox ONE $250,000! Electricity and Online required!


I'd be intersted in the production costs also... For the consoles, not the house!

I remember these lol


The 360 vs ps3 real costs back then




The 360 got exposed back then by this in terms of pricing and what not so i guess that's why people are complaining?


It would be nice to see how things even out now since we got hit with a knee-buckling 1-2 to the jaw by Sony with the new paywall for online like Xbox

I feel the X1 system could've been a hell alot cheap if they didn't bundle the "mandatory" Kinect with it. Didn't the camera cost like $100+ or something? And the bundle comes with a year of Live, so that's probably another $50 added to the bundle cost? So for all we know, the system itself could've been priced around $350.

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allenmaher said:

So the base prices of systems have been announced, but what is the real cost of systems?

  Wii U XB One PS4 Low end Gaming PC (Alienware x51 base model) High End Gaming PC
Base System 300-350 500 400 700  
Second Screen Option Included Tablet or Smartphone 300+ Vita 250 not Applicable  
Online Play Included 60/year x 5 years = 300 50/year x 5 years =250 no extra cost  
Additional Controllers

Wiimote Plus 35x4 =$140

Pro Controller 50 x 1 =$50

??? ??? game controler 40 to 120  
Motion Control included in Wiimotes Included in Connect Move ??? not applicable  
Additional Storage USB 1 Tb $100-150 USB 1 Tb $100-150 ??? included (1 Tb)  
Total 590-690     740 +  

Can anyone fill in the blanks?

I just wanted to mention, Motion Controls are applicable to PCs, because well, I use  my DualShock 3(Sixaxis) on my PC... I also know that PCs are Kinectable and can use WiiMotes/Moves, a second screen comes easy via a second monitor. Also, did you include periferals for the PC? (Mouse, Keyboard, a first Screen?) Additionaly, have you included the lower game price for the games? No? Well, then i suggest rethinking this price listing. Also, you do not need a second screen/motion controls to be playing a valid game. So this is all really hard to calculate, maybe you should integrate different tiers of "gaming-hardware-pricing".

TC, add the cost of games for the PC. PS4 will get PS4 games for free.

My PC is a "Low end PC" which cost me $499 back in 2010.

The graphics card I bought to upgrade my system cost me $179.99.
Power supply upgrade was $150

So = $830.

It is higher but the fruits that are produced afterwards was worth it.

I went from paying $29.99 to $49.99 for games to $0.99 to $9.99.


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HikenNoAce said:
TC, add the cost of games for the PC. PS4 will get PS4 games for free.

Not even nearly all of them. Also, PC games are cheaper than console games. Besides, the cost of games is not something you mention specifically; What you mention is if you somehow save from games. I suppose you could mention the price of games in the chart and then maybe add a note that PS4 gets some games for free from PS+.

ps4 and xb1 controller cost 60 at amazon but not sure if that is the official price.