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Its gonna get so INTENSE HOURS FROM NOW. Cuz U know what? I watched both Xbox and Ps conference Just like I do every year. And its always the same. Good graphics. Yet everything else BORING zzzz..... aND i ACTUALLY do believe Nintendo has the best graphics. Not realistic but COLORFUL AND FUN! Xbox had what? Killer Instinct which is NINTENDO LEFT OVERS. Ps? hA ughhh. Annoying light on controller. Destiny good graphics. Yet looked ZZZZ. Nintendo please show me a new Mario game cause I know that will BE FUN AND INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!! PLUS SO MUCH MORE ON THE WAY!

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I've had anxiety all night long. It's like Christmas but in June.... and I don't even get any presents! I hope Nintendo just surprises us.

I didn't feel the magic. I didn't feel the element of suprise that Nintendo holds so dear. I saw at PS+MS conference what I see any other year... EXCEPT FOR KINGDOM HEARTS III, just gritty first person shooters and racing games... that is literally it. I want something special or dare I say it... cool. I've seen FPS all my life. I thought games were made to get to our fantasy part of our brain. Final Fantasy has just lost me. I hope Nintendo announces a HD remake of Final Fantasy 6 on Wii U. If that happens along with all of their other ammo, Nintendo will be the sun of this dark time of press conferences. It felt like I was wathcing real life on a video game. Why'd I want to do that?

Hardest 2h50min of my life now...

If Nintendo does not come out with a bang it could be even tougher road for Nintendo to compete!

Too bad I have to go to work in 1 hour, can't see it live. Damn :(

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Indeed. After seeing the glorious Nintendo Land graphics I can't wait to see how Nintendo will treat 3D Mario and Wind Waker.

Also holding my thumbs for a glimpse of F-Zero U. Been waiting ten years, dammit!

I wanna see more of "X" and Smash.

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2 more hours. We will see a brand new 3D Mario game, Retro Studios game, and so much more!

I hope they put up a fantastic display and make this an easy gen for consumers, choice wise.

The big boys in the industry showing us how it's done, and it starts by respecting your consumer base.

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I rly want to see 3D Mario, Smash, X, Retro's game and bayonetta 2.

And hopefully, the rumours that there is a surprise 3rd party collaboration is true.