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What Wii U game are you looking forward to playing the most?

Super Mario U 49 28.82%
Super Smash Bros. 4 56 32.94%
Mario Kart 8 20 11.76%
The Wonderful 101 9 5.29%
Pikmin 3 6 3.53%
Wii Fit U 3 1.76%
Wind Waker HD 6 3.53%
Yarn Yoshi 2 1.18%
Sonic: Lost World 7 4.12%
Other 12 7.06%

they should release demos for people who already own the WiiU some might even buy one to try these games out if they do not have a way to play them in stores

    R.I.P Mr Iwata :'(

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They should, but making the demos available to everyone, namely those without Wii Us like myself, is more important. It's easier to sell Wii Us to people without them than to people with them afterall. ;)

Einsam_Delphin said:
They should, but making the demos available to everyone, namely those without Wii Us like myself, is more important. It's easier to sell Wii Us to people without them than to people with them afterall. ;)

i think they are going to do both... but they will anounce it at the show

I hope so! They should atleast put up E3 demos of 3DS games on the eShop since only Wii U games will be showcased at Best Buy sadly. This is understandable though, as the 3DS is doing decently enough in NA, and it can only get better with new Animal Crossing, Zelda, n Pokemon installments among other games coming out this year. On the other hand, the Wii U is in some desperate need of hype n publicity and the sales that go along with that, and this Best Buy event is a great way to get lot's of word of mouth goings. I myself am actually getting pumped up just thinking about playing the new Mario Kart among other unreleased games! That's quite the feat there as I always try not to get hyped as it means less disapoimtment or more amazement, but really there's very little chance of Mario Kart disappointing so I have every reason to be hyped right now. Heh, who needs a press conference when you can just make the games available to the people and let them do the talking. ;D

i'm predicting that only 4 of the games listed we be playable at best buy. w101, 3dmario, pikmin, and windwaker

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that being said, i do think this is a brilliant move by nintendo.

It'd be kind of a massive fail to not include MK8, as I feel that game will spread the most word of mouth with it's recognizability, being a pick up n play game, and having multiplayer. I'm skeptical if the Wonderful 101 will show up as it's not something casuals or even many core gamers will recognize (honestly I've forgotten what it's all about), but perhaps that's why they'd put it out there. Naturally, I'd hope all the games listed in the poll and then some would be demo'ed, but of course that's not gonna happen. If I had to choose just 4 games to display, they'd be this:

3D Mario
Pikmin 3
SSB4, if not then Wonderful 101

Diverse range of genres, recognizable franchises, most games having multiplayer (Pikmin 3 should hopefully have it's multiplayer modes ready, preferably Co-Op since we have competitive multiplayer already), and most of them being easy to grasp the controls for.

Einsam_Delphin said:
DélioPT said:
Einsam_Delphin said:
DélioPT said:
That`s how you do marketing.
Gamers online always wished there were there to play the games and now they can!

There wasn`t any announcement concerning the european market. Still, i hope it happens. They could even do a road show with these demos, since they never did one in the first place for Wii U.

Exactly! It'll be a great way to attract new gamers, especially if they show off multiplayer games like Smash n Kart. Nearby customers might become interested in what all the commotions about (you know theirs gonna be bunch of rowdy teenagers surrounding the demos hehe), want to try the games out themselves, like em, then go on to tell all their friends about it, perhaps inviting them for another round at the demos!

So nothing was said for Europe? Hmm perhaps it's cause the Wii U is selling worse in the U.S. or something. Or maybe Europe doesn't have Best Buy. Yeah I have no idea. xP  I guess the least we can do is talk about our hands on experiences in depth. I know I sure will!

Will be a great way to spread the word.
If we get reports that BB will become stacked, then it`s a win for Wii U! :D

I was told that it had but no longer has them.
Not that it can`t associated with other retailers or take actions in their own hands and do some events across european countries. I just want them to do something because they really are selling the worst in Europe.

Can you imagine demos with Mario, Mario Kart, Watch Dogs or AC 4 and Call of Duty side by side? Know what message that would send to gamers? Yeaaaahh...

Heh, I would not be surprised to see lines forming up in front of the demos. It's unfortunate though that Nintendo can't give Europe similar treatment. Maybe they just didn't have enough time to localise the demos? We can only speculate at this point.

So far there´s no confirmation that it won`t, so there`s still hope.
I think it was last year in Germany where they had the demos used at E3 during a Wii U presentation there.

Plus the fact that they didn't tell us which games are gonna be playable already likely means that there are yet to be shown games on the list, and SSB4 has yet to be shown! ^_^

Not quite the same treatment NA is getting as that's one location versus over one hundred, and these locations are places people already go regularly. Plus, there's no presentation or anything, you can just walk in anytime and play the games. Basically this is much much larger than anything that's ever been done like this past. Hopefully they continue this year after year and bring it to other countrys, and Sony n Microsoft will do similarly, so that E3 truely is for the people! :D

I want to play the new Sonic game, it doesn't make much sense to try games I already know I'd buy but I definitely need to make a decision on Sonic so I wantz to play that.